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Thursday, 2 December 2021

E8 Standing Desk By FlexiSpot

 If you work in an office or a setting that requires you to use a computer or laptop all day, a standing desk may be a great option. We all know sitting for too long isn't really too great for our backs. The E8 table by Flexispot allows you to adjust the height of the desk automatically, giving you the option to stand and work if you wish, which is also great for your posture. There has been an increase in working from home since the pandemic, so this easy to install desk is perfect for home offices.

"Redefining Health, Love & Care, Invest in Your Health & Career today for a Healthier & Happier Tomorrow"

Christmas is just around the corner and FlexiSpot is offering 35% off their ergonomic products from December 1st 2021 to January 10th 2022. That's right, a huge 35% off!  Grab this deal and create the perfect workspace. The desk is available in numerous different colours, offering something for everyone's tastes.

"The goal is to help our clients achieve new heights of wellness and strike the perfect work-life balance through innovative and ergonomic solutions."

The desk can hold up to 125kg/19 Stone/275 pounds and comes with a smooth bamboo surface. This means that it won't be as easy to scratch as it's twice as durable than normal wood. The E8 Standing Desk allows you to adjust the height from 60cm to 125cm. It comes with a smart control panel that lets you to adjust the height of the desk effortlessly. I really love how they added a cable management groove, soo all the messy cables are hidden. I also like how the legs have soft edges. So if you do accidentally bang your leg, it won't hurt. The desk also detects and prevents collisions before they happen, which I think is a very cool feature.

Flexispot also has a range of chairs and accessories including a desk bike which enables you to stay active. Workout while you work. 

"10 million people avoided spine health problems due to FlexiSpot ergonomics products" 

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