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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Your Special Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be one of the most important events to happen in your life. A special day to marry the one you love and to celebrate that love in the presence of friends and family. The last year or so has sadly seen a lot of weddings be postponed. However, now restrictions have been eased, brides to be can finally have their dream wedding. This memorable occasion takes planning, time and in-depth thinking. You want to look back on your day with joy, love and happiness. 

Some like to do all the planning and organising themselves, others opt for a wedding planner who will make sure you have everything you wanted for your big day. Hiring the right catering team, choosing the right cake, music, decor, style and deciding on any themes which you may want, having exactly what you dreamed of. We all know that your wedding dress is the number one priority. However, finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses is just as crucial. Will they match the style of the wedding? Will they look good in the photos? Will they look good with your wedding dress? All these questions need to be considered.

There are multiple options for bridesmaids dresses. You don't always necessarily have to look under the bridesmaid category. Prom dresses can also make an ideal bridesmaids dress. Head over to and take a look. If you're on a budget, eBay and Amazon are great places to source these types of dresses. Don't forget to have a nosey in some charity shops too. You never know, you could find a real gem or even a designer item.

Your big day has finally arrived. The professional photographer is sorted but how do you get the hundreds of photos your guests will be taking? Well, It's quite an easy process actually. There are lots of apps these days where you can share photos. Wedding Photo Swap is one of them. This amazing app lets your guests upload photos to an unlimited amount of albums. This means that you can have multiple albums for different parts of the day. Pretty cool, huh? After you have created your very own personalised area, you can then proceed to invite your guests to the app. I would suggest inviting guests to the app before the wedding. Now your guests can upload photos straight onto Wedding Photo Swap so everyone gets to see every single photo taken throughout the day. 

"Great app, we got so many photos from our guests. Don't have a wedding without this app, we got to see tons of photos from all angles that we would never have seen without this app, all our special moments and some surprising ones too, and everyone enjoyed seeing them all. Awesome!"

If you would like to give A Gift To Each Other before the big day Personalising Your Jewellery can make your day even more special. Whether it's a necklace, ring or bracelet, most things can be personalised. Did you know that there are lots of Different Types of Weddings throughout the world? Each culture has different wedding attire and customs. If you would like to read more about these traditions click here.

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