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Friday, 24 September 2021

The Perfect Business Cards

When you're a blogger at any blogging event, the most useful thing to have with you is your very own business cards. Blogger events are perfect for networking and promoting your blog as well as showcasing your niche. Business cards offer an easy and simple way to get your information out there without too much fussing around. I mean, who wants to be rustling around for a pen and paper to write down your details, for every person you speak to. It's just so time-consuming and gives off an unprofessional vibe. Business cards allow you to just casually place them on tables or hand them to the person you're speaking to.

So, what kind of information should I put on a business card? Well, that's entirely up to you. Personally for me, as a blogger. I will have my name, my blog address, my email address and what category my blog falls under. For me, I would put Plus Size Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. You could put your social media channels on there too. However, the main thing is to promote your blog address because your social media links will be on the front page of your blog anyway.  

If you offer a service to the public, then investing in some business cards would be a great step for you to increase exposure to your business. Whether you're a personal trainer, salon owner or a mobile beautician. These business cards will help you grow and reach more people. Leave them around anywhere you can and hand them out to passers-by. 

Where can I find a company to design my business cards from the comfort of my own home? Well, let me introduce you to Aura Print, a great place to get your business cards. Aura Print began in 2007, where there was only one person with one printer. Many years later, they have grown into a worldwide established business with now twenty professional print experts. They have printed for brands such as Pizza Hut, Waitrose and Toyota to name just a few. Pretty cool.

"At Aura, we’re all about pleasing our customers and we’re certainly on the right track if our customer reviews are anything to go by! So, if you’re thinking of placing an order with us, go have a browse of our site, read some reviews"

Aura Print have a huge selection of styles, materials and finishes. From standard paper to luxury, you'll find the right business card style for you. You can choose from recycled paper too. You can also pick your business card shape from portrait, landscape, square, double-sided, single side, folded and even foiled. Something for everyone's taste. 

"The main goal has always been to provide high-quality print, that doesn't break the bank"

Did you know that Aura Print can make your business cards waterproof? Yes, waterproof. They're great for outdoor events. So, you can still be handing out your cards in the rain, if you wanted to that is. There are lots of other options to choose from too, such as matt, soft and gloss laminated business cards. If you're fed up with business cards tearing you can opt for the plastic finish. It just keeps getting better... magnetic cards are available to stick on anything metal.

"We take pride in curating and producing custom print jobs with a huge range of customisation options that other printers simply cannot match"

I needed new updated business cards so I opted for 250 double-sided standard landscape 85x55mm with a silk finish and 700gsm thickness. I chose the orchid pink as well as having gloss lamination on both sides. I feel like these options really go well with my blog style. You can choose from 50 copies to an amazing 5,000 copies in one order. Amazing, right?!  

The business cards arrived in a cute box which I loved because they can be stored. I love the vibrant colour and font. They have really made my blog information stand out and be seen. That's what I wanted. I like that my Blog logo takes up the whole space on one side too. 

I handed these cards out to some of my friends and family to see what their first impressions of the cards were.

"Of course they would be pink lol"

"I really like the gloss look"

"They feel very sturdy, like, they won't rip easily if they get wet"

"So smooth, haha"

"I need to get some"

"Fantastic Quality"

Business cards are a real asset to any company or any services that you provide. Although everything is more or less promoted through social media these days, there are still a lot of people who haven't got Twitter or Instagram. Handing out your business cards to the members of the public in local communities such as a bake sale event can bring in more customers and readers too. 

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