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Friday, 4 June 2021

Cute Date Ideas

 What a crazy year and a half! The good news is that we can now go on dates again in person... Woo! During Lockdown, many of us opted for virtual dates. Video dating became the norm for a while. Actually, it's a pretty good idea to have a video chat before an in-person date. It allows you to see what kind of character that person has and it also shows you they are real. Although restrictions have eased and the hospitality sector has reopened, there are still a couple of rules to follow, such as wearing your mask until you reach your table. There are lots of places to go on dates, check out Isle of man Dating to find your perfect match. Here are a few places that would be perfect for that first date after lockdown.

Mann Cat Sanctuary

If you love animals, especially cats, why not take a trip and visit the Mann Cat Sanctuary. There are lots of different kinds of fluffy cats and most will live the rest of their life here. The great thing about the Mann Cat Sanctuary is that you can sponsor a cat, making you both very happy. Find your date over at Isle of man Dating 

Gaiety Theatre

Love the Theatre? Then visiting the Gaiety Theatre will make a very cute first date. There's so much to watch, as well as going on the Gaiety Theatre tour which will tell you all about the history of the Theatre and building. Taking you on a journey of theatre life, this tour will take you back in time. you'll also get to learn about all the lighting and technical bits and bobs as well as seeing the costume display at the end. The Tour can take up to just over two hours. A perfect date for Theatre goers. 

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway

The Award-winning Horse Tramway will be celebrating its 145th year, this year... how wonderful! If you love horses then you must visit here. This particular horse tram is most certainly an iconic part of the of the Isle of Man, which started operation in 1876 by Thomas Lightfoot to make most of the tourist visits. The tramway runs from Derby Castle, along the Promenade to the Sea Terminal. Did you know that it is the oldest surviving Horse Tramway in Britain, and the only one to have operated continuously since its opening. 

Curraghs Wildlife Park

If you would like to have a great Animal experience then visit here. You can also become a member, so you can visit Curraghs Wildlife Park as much as you like... an opportunity for multiple dates. With lots of things to do like feeding the animals and in-depth talks, Curraghs Wildlife Park makes a great date idea. There is so much wildlife to see such as Meerkats, Penguins and Monkeys.

Foraging Vintners

This craft winery produces an array of drinks such as non-grape based wine, cider and rum. This is a great place to have lunch. With stunning views of The Isle Of Man... this will also make the perfect evening date. Enjoy a cocktail or two while watching the sunset.   

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