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Tuesday 13 April 2021

Recreating Hotel Luxury in Three Areas of Your Home

 There is something luxurious about staying overnight in a good hotel, isn't there? From sumptuous bedding to fluffy towels and sample-sized bottles of toiletries, a trip away from home in a hotel is always going to be an experience.

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It makes sense that many people look at how they can recreate that sumptuous feeling at home. Our homes are our palaces, and being able to add an extra layer of luxury via home accessories or habits can help you enjoy your time at home that little bit more.

There are three main areas of your home that you can focus on to add luxury to your home and recreate that feeling you get when you stay at a really nice hotel.


One area of your home that will always benefit from luxury additions is your bedroom. Creating a space that exudes calm and relaxation is the ultimate goal. You can make low cost and easy changes by adding hotel bed linens to your bed to recreate the hotel bed at home feel. Soft blankets and sumptuous pillows that add comfort will also help you create a bedroom that could double as a hotel room.

Add mood lighting by swapping to dimmer lights or even wall lights to create added ambience in the room. Or even strip lighting that illuminates certain features such as a backlit TV or even headboard. Lined floor-length curtains will give you that extra barrier to close off the outside and pretend you are somewhere else while also bringing a touch of drama to the room. Accessorise with tie back or hooks to style when open during the daytime.

Remember, your mattress needs to change approximately every 7 years. If you are updating your bedroom furnishings, consider buying a new mattress to help you get a better night and complete your hotel quality bedroom.


Let's face it; there are some stunning hotel bathrooms that many people would love to recreate at home. One of the most famous bathroom scenes in the world is the one from Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts lounging in a tub full of bubbles is something many people want to recreate. And why not at home if you have the room.

One of the main points when discussing creating a luxurious hotel bathroom at home is the colour scheme. White never goes out of style and allows you to use different colours around the room without detracting from the style of the suite. 

Opt for a jacuzzi bathtub with massaging jets or a glass-enclosed walk-in show with a powerful showerhead that looks like water is pouring out of the ceiling. Choose a fully tiled look for floors and walls, marble for that extra wow factor budget allowing.

Double set sinks and illuminated cabinets and mirrors - did you know you can buy mirrors that demist themselves saving you the job? It doesn't get much more luxury than that.

Don't forget those plush bath towels and snuggly soft towelling robes too.


One of the first things you see when you set foot inside a hotel in the lobby. Huge grand spaces bustling with people showcasing the very best the hotel has to offer. Not all of us are lucky to have a grand sweeping staircase reminiscent of Cher's home in Clueless. But maximising the space in this part of your home can be the difference between feeling relaxed when you arrive home or adding to your stress.

The best way to create a luxurious hallway, no matter the size you have to renovate, is to create a focal point in the entryway to your home. Do this by adding a statement coat rack that adds some character or a well-placed side table adorned with plants or bright flowers.

Colourwise, your hallway should reflect your home but depend on the amount of right and space in this area, you can choose how you want to decorate and the colour scheme you will use.

Again tiled flooring can be an eye-catching feature of your hallways, or resorting to old patterned tiles that have been previously covered will really give you an entrance that is warm and welcoming.

Replacing spindles on your staircase for a more modern design or even for a sheet of glass suspended can help you add light and space to an otherwise small hallway and staircase. As can adding stair runners to freshly painted or varnished stairs with ornate stair rods as an alternative to fully carpeting the stairs.

Remember, when it comes to adding hotel luxury to your home, less is more. Aiming to add too much and making the space look cluttered can ultimately detract from the overall feel you were going for.

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