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Tuesday 2 March 2021

Date Ideas For Gamers In Lockdown

Online gaming is a favourite pastime for thousands of people. Some see online gaming as a way to relax and some even take it further with online game competitions. There are so many fun online games one could never get bored. YouTube influencers have really upped their game literally by making money from playing online to a wide audience. Big game companies love this type of promotion as it brings more awareness to online games and products. There's most definitely a huge gaming community throughout the internet. If you're currently dating and both love online gaming here are some top dates for gamers

X Box Date 

I know what you're thinking... How can you date on X Box? If you're not a keen gamer, you won't really understand. X Box allows you to play games online with other human beings. You can also chat to them live over a microphone headset while playing a game, a bit like chatting on the phone. Sometimes if you've been playing and chatting to someone over X Box for a long time you may end up flirting and building a repour with each other. This could eventually lead to swapping numbers. You could say it's a bit like a dating app for gamers. 

The Sims Date 

Build your own virtual reality together. The sims allow you to play and interact online. Flirt, kiss and hug with your sims! The perfect game if you have been dating a while. Go on virtual dates, get jobs and build a house. And if your sims really fall in love with each other you can make a virtual family. What I love about playing the sims is that you can really make your sim look like you. This game is lots of fun and you can have multiple dates out of it.

Gaming Dinner Date 

If you have already been on a few dates before lockdown, a great way to add a bit of fun during these times is to have a gaming dinner date over a video call. Pick one of your favourite games and whoever loses has to pay for dinner. This will totally bring out your competitive side but it will also show your love for gaming which shows you have something in common. You could also do a gamers cocktail night over skype. Give each other recipes that you want each other to try and taste test them together. Name your cocktails after your favourite games or gaming characters. I'd definitely call a cocktail Jigglypuff after the Pok√©mon character! 

Nintendo Switch Date

If it's early days, how about having a Nintendo switch date. The Nintendo Switch has only been around since 2017. You can go online and choose from hundreds of games. A very casual and chilled online date perfect for gamers who can't see each other due to lockdown. In fact, any gaming device like the Nintendo Switch where you can play with someone online would be perfect. If you haven't found your gamer date yet the check out gamers dating.

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