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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Valentine's day 2021 - Love In Lockdown

Valentine's day is just around the corner... a day filled with presents, romance and fun. February the 14th is all about celebrating the love between you and your partner. Maybe it's an important day due to it being your anniversary too, therefore, you want to show the world what you mean to each other. However, not everyone is as enthusiastic about Valentine's day. The majority of us can't wait for this special day to celebrate relationships, but some see it as a way for brands to make money. Others feel like love should be celebrated all year round, not just one day a year. 

Valentine's day during a global pandemic will make it much harder to celebrate this year. Especially if you're in a new relationship where you can't see each other due to the current restrictions. Most couples will be lucky enough to live near each other or live together.  Here are some of my tips for celebrating love in lockdown.

Video Calls

Video calls are a great way to see and speak to each other every day during a lockdown. As long as you have an internet connection, video calling is pretty simple. You just need a  mobile phone, computer or laptop. You might have to buy a webcam for your computer but most laptops have a built-in one nowadays anyway. Choose your favourite app to video and in seconds you'll be seeing the one you love. There are also lots dating sites where you can possibly find your Valentine's, check out free dating sites West Midlands


If you both love playing games together but can't physically meet up at the moment, there are lots of games that allow you to play online. A great game to play over video call is the app, heads up. You may have seen it on television before. One of you will put your phone to your forehead which will show a word. The other person will give you clues and you will have to guess the word. Pretty fun. 

Come Dine With Me

Instead of just cooking the typical romantic meal... make it a bit more interesting by adding elements of the show come dine with me to it by making each other's favourite meal and drinks. You will both be laughing your heads off by the end of the night (Hopefully haha). Perfect for couples who live together but can't go to a restaurant as they're currently closed. For those who can't see other in person, you can have dinner over a video call... arrange a time, set up the table and place your device in front of you. It will feel like the person is really there. If you're currently single the dating agency West Midlands is a good place to start.

Galentine's Day

Valentine's day is for people in romantic relationships, although, in recent years Galentine's day has popped up. A day for celebrating friendships whether you're single or taken. It used to just be a day for just the ladies to celebrate their friendships but now it's celebrated between anyone. Galentine's day falls on the 13th of February. It's not an official holiday and has only been around since about 2010. If you would like more information about Galentine's day, click here

Do you have any plans for Valentine's this year? Are you into all the lovey-dovey pink stuff or do you prefer to keep it simple? 

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