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Tuesday 15 December 2020

The Rise Of Online Dating In 2020

 The recent pandemic has been a huge worry globally in 2020. Please always follow the rules and stay safe. Protect yourself and others. It's real and not to be taken lightly.

Wow, what a year for dating

The first lockdown earlier in the year had us thinking it wouldn't be for long, How wrong were we? This pandemic has made traditional dating a bit difficult. Gone are the days of getting excited when you're getting ready for your date. Now we have to think about making sure we have our masks and sanitizer. Not only that, we have to book restaurants and places to go in advance as well as providing our details. No more wondering if sparks will fly and hoping for that first kiss due to social distancing... that was when we were allowed to still actually go out. Later in the year came more lockdowns and stricter rules as cases kept rising. 

Online Dating

Online dating has been around for some time now. Due to the current pandemic dating apps are enticing more and more people every day. Some apps have even installed a video chat option now to cater to the ongoing situation. With most things being done via the internet these days, it wasn't a surprise that the online dating world would end up getting more attention. There are many dating sites to choose from such as the dating agency Nottinghamshire. It also looks as though people are now paying to upgrade their profile in hopes to find the right one for them instead of just using the regular basic profile. 

Video Calling

Today's technology has made Video calling extremely easy to use. There are now lots of platforms to do this on. Whether it's through your phone or computer, video calling is at a click of a button. If you started chatting to someone via an online dating app, many people will usually do a video call before the initial first date. To make sure the person they're speaking to is real. We don't want to encounter a catfish! Since the pandemic, there's been no other choice but to date virtually. Another great thing about video calling is that you can wear your favourite comfy slippers as no one will see them... unless they want to look at your feet for some reason. 


So, what does 2021 look like for dating? There's no doubt that online dating will continue to grow. Depending on what happens, traditional dating can be slowly brought back in once the pandemic has settled. This wasn't the 2020 the world was expecting so let's hope next year is better. Don't be disheartened that you can't go out on dates right now. In a way, see this as a time to get to know someone better through video and calls. This way you can really decide if you want to eventually meet them... or not. Nottinghamshire dating site is a great place to find dates. Video calls will probably also stop a lot of awkward dates too. If you're ready to enter the world of online dating make sure you're up to date with some of the dating terms that are used.

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