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Tuesday 20 October 2020

Bomb Dot Com Glitter Palette

 Wow... the past two years have seen lots of cancellations. There's no need to let these disruptions stop you from still creating stunning Makeup looks. You might not be able to go out as much to show your masterpiece off but you can most certainly take pictures to post on social media. You don't even have to post on social media. You can take pictures just for yourself to look back on. If you have a polaroid camera, you can also print out snaps of your look to put up wherever you want in your home.

With Halloween just around the corner, the Bomb Dot Com Glitter Eye Shadow Palette comes to mind. Parties and Trick or Treating might be cancelled this year but that doesn't mean you can't dress up! Perhaps you're having a virtual Halloween party over Skype or Zoom. Whatever you're going as this year, the 24 shade Palette with an inside mirror will make you look the part! Did you know that this palette can also be used for use all over the body. The colours are all so very pretty but I have to say my favourites are Princess, Showgirl and Superstar!

When it comes to Christmas, we think of  Christmas Trees, Candles, Christmas Music, Presents and of course an abundance of Glitter! The Bomb Dot Com Palette is the perfect Christmas gift for every makeup lover out there. It's so versatile, you can create any look you wish. Maybe you have a dazzling dress and want to match it with your eye Makeup or maybe you have a little black dress and want to add some sparkle to the look. 

I hear you asking where oh where can I find this Palette? Well, I shall tell you! Jolie Beauty. So who are they? Jolie Beauty are a team of experienced Makeup Artists who have worked for companies such as Sephora, MAC and Clinique to name just a few. They believe in creating fun professional products to suit any budget. 

"Each product has been carefully trialed and tested by our team and sent back and forth countless times to ensure you receive a product you love"

Not only do they sell Palettes but they have a wide selection of Face, Lips and Skin products. You can also find all the accessories you need such as Makeup Brushes and Cleaners. Check out the tutorial page to watch YouTuber and makeup Artist Tati's review. There are also lots of other videos on there too.

Jolie Beauty offer Bundles such as the Deluxe Lash Collection which gives you 12 pairs of Whispy Lashes as well as Air Matte Lipstick Bundles which come in a variety of colours. 

Did you know that all products by Jolie Beauty are 100% cruelty-free? This means that no items have been tested on Animals. Their Brushes are made from synthetic hair which means that they are vegan friendly too. If you enter your email address on the website you can get 10% off your first order.



  1. Some lovely looking glitter shades in here. As I'm not wearing makeup anywhere near as often now I find it more of a treat when I do so this looks stunning x

  2. Wow, love this selection of glittery colours so much, definitely perfect for the party season.