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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The Trendy Accessories You Need This Summer

Summer always brings a range of great fashion trends that can add a bit of spice to your life. You no longer need to wrap up in your winter clothes; it's time to wear things that make you look good and feel confident. I'm not going to look at outfit ideas - it's all about accessories today! Here are a few little bits and pieces that you can add to your summer wardrobe this year:  

Purple is the colour this season, so purple trainers are definitely a big hit. You need a pair of these to accompany your summer outfits as they're very diverse and can be worn with lots of different styles. Plus, the colour is just so beautiful and really blends in with the summer style. You don't have to splash the cash, pretty much all the fashion brands have their own lilac/purple trainers out now! 


You can always count on some type of handbag trend as the season's change. For summer 2019, everyone is ditching the functional handbags in favour of some not-so-practical tiny ones. These bags look like mini versions of ordinary handbags - almost like little purses. They're mainly just for show, and they can be a great little addition to your outfit. But, there's enough room for your phone, keys, and money; so that's good! 


 Bright Bracelets Bracelets are always a must have in summer, seeing as you can actually wear clothes that will show them off! This year, it's all about creating a statement with bold bracelets. Companies like Opals Australia make bracelets with large and vibrant opals that help give off that summer vibe. But, you can opt for any bracelets that are studded with gemstones or jewels; it's up to you. The idea is that you wear something that gives off some bright colours to match with the summer vibe. Ideally, try and find ones that reflect the light to really give that shiny appearance.
While we're talking about jewellery, there's another hot trend in this years summer fashion faves. Pearls are right back in fashion, and they're making a pretty big comeback. For years, they've been seen as outdated - something your granny used to wear back in the olden days. Now, some gorgeous pearl jewellery ideas let you accessorise your summer outfits with ease. Seeing as we've already mentioned bracelets, it's probably a good idea to opt for a pearl necklace or some statement earrings. 

Either way, you'll be extremely fashionable this summer. Remember, the number one rule of fashion is that you need to accessorise! An outfit isn't complete unless you have a few little things to go with it. The secret to great accessories is that they don't take too much away from the outfit itself. They should add to it, complement the main pieces, and make you shine. If you're looking for some summer inspiration, then the accessories above will be perfect for the sunny months or most likely, the sunny weeks!

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