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Thursday 1 November 2018

Plus Size Shapewear By CYSM

Beauty unequivocally comes in all shapes and sizes. I embrace my curves and wobbly bits and you should too. As I always say, Fashion doesn't end at a certain size. Flattering or not, if I am obsessed with a piece of clothing, I am certainly going to wear it. 

CYSM reached out to me to try one of their products, The Thermal Body Shaper. I don't usually wear Shapewear but this particular piece emphasises your curves instead of trying to hide them which I love. This piece also helps with better posture.

"We believe all we women are beautiful and we want them to feel that way. We believe in showing self-confidence every day"

The Thermal Body Shaper comes in sizes XS TO 5XL and available in two colours, Nude & Black. You can also choose from a pant or thong style. What I like most about this piece are the wide straps which feel truly comfortable. As we all know, if straps do not fit properly they become annoying and irritating. As it's getting colder the thermal aspect will keep you warm while wearing your favourite Dress. CYSM also has a selection of  Jeans & Leggings. Free shipping on all orders.

"It's your time to take over the world!"

If you sign up with CYSM you instantly get 200 points. You can also receive discounts and gifts. Follow the steps below. It's easy!

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With CYSM)

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