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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Beauty Essential All Celebrities Are Using

Hiya Lovelies!

It's finally Summer... Yippee!

We all love to look after our Skin, an effective Skincare routine is highly important. However, there will always be that one blemish that will pop up from time to time, annoying right? What if there was something that would keep away such blemishes? Of course there are a number of products on the market that work, but it usually takes a while to see any improvement. Imagine a magical solution that cleared your face literally overnight? What is it you ask? Are you ready?

Sudocrem! Yes that's right, the healing cream that is usually known for using on nappy rashes now offers Sudocrem Skin Care Cream. This marvellous product acts as a really great Face Mask, Moisturiser and Spot Cream. I have been using Sudocrem on my face for a number of years and it works wonders, it's also a massive hit with Celebrities such as Rita Ora, Cheryl and Amanda Holden. Everyone is becoming obsessed with this must have Beauty Essential!
Sudocrem Skin Care Cream comes in a handy 30g tube that you can easily pop into your Bag, perfect for travelling around with!

1. Use a good Facial Cleanser. Using Make-Up Wipes alone won't remove everything. We all have different Skin types, whether it's normal, sensitive, dry or oily. Make sure you choose the right Cleanser for you.

2. Exfoliate. This helps to remove dead skin cells leaving your Skin feeling smooth.

3. Moisturise. This is so important because it keeps your Skin soft and hydrated. It also makes your Make-Up look flawless.

4. Don't forget to use Sudocrem!

If you're not too sure on what products to use for your type of Skin, do some research online and buy a few items to try. Make it fun by having a girly night in and turn your lounge into a mini Spa!

Do you use Sudocrem?

(Thanks to Satellite PR for this sample)


  1. It's crazy how cheap and simple products often end up being the most popular as opposed to glam well known brands. My parents always used Sudocrem on any cuts or scratches I had growing up to stop it getting infected but I had no idea it could be used for these other things too! x

  2. This sounds like a really good product. You've shared some great tips :)