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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Soap & Glory - Soaper Star

Hiya Lovelies!

How are you?

Having silky soft Skin is the best thing ever right?! I absolutely love Soap & Glory and have been using Products from their Soaper Star Box. I can't tell you enough how impressed I am with these Products, they have a gorgeous fresh scent and the packaging is adorable!

So what is in the box?

The Soaper Star Box contains the most popular Products including the full sized Clean On Me Shower Gel, The Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer and The Righteous Body Butter. You also get the mini Heel Genius Foot Cream, mini Hand Food Cream, a Shower Puff and a pair of Pink Cosy Socks! If you were to buy all of these products individually it would cost over £30, so you're getting yourself a fabulous Bargain at £20 for the Box.
The Righteous Butter Body Butter

Soap & Glory claims that this Body Butter will make you feel like you're wearing velvet and I agree with them 100%, a definite winner.

Clean On Me Shower Gel

This Shower Gel feels wonderfully silky when applied, what I love about this product is that it will last you a while because you only need a small amount as it lathers up really well.

The Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer

I have tried a good few Body Scrubs and I have to say that this Product is the best one I have used to date, leaves the Skin feeling super soft.

Hand Food Cream

I love a good Hand Cream, this one is definitely at the top of my list, with Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil it leaves your Hands feeling really moisturised.

Heel Genius Foot Cream

Looking after our Feet is very important, they carry us around all day so give them a treat with this amazing Foot Cream, makes your Feet feel like satin.

Do you have a favourite Product from Soap & Glory?

*Thank you to the Home Agency for this gift.


  1. Love this post! So many times I read about great products but I can't buy them because they aren't in our stores. Both of the grocery stores and the drug store carries this line but I was too scared to give it a try. I'm going to pick up some of the foot stuff after school..with the wicked cold my heels are feeling a little parched.

  2. Been hearing lots of great things about Soap and Glory. Love that brand!

  3. Oooo this whole product line sounds pretty fabulous!! So need to get my hands on it!

  4. That looks like a nice set. Been thinking about something like this as a gift for someone.