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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Body Jewellery Shop

Hiya Lovelies!

We all love Jewellery don't we? With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas not long after, you're probably on the hunt for something that will set off your look. Well you're in luck because The Body Jewellery Shop has everything you could ever want! From cute Ear Piercing Jewellery to Body Jewellery, you will find it here. Add a bit of sparkle to your outfit, you know you want too!

Whether you're going as a scary Devil or as a sexy Cat this Halloween, you can also get some amazing contact lenses to complete your spooky look. They even have contact lenses that glow under UV lights, so you're sure to make a frightful impression. Don't forget to also check out their collection of Eyelashes!

The team over at The Body Jewellery Shop kindly sent me a few Earrings. Stud Earrings are absolutely perfect for when you are doing physical activities, the last thing you want is your Earring getting caught on something, ouch! They are also perfect to put in a Christmas Stocking as a little gift.

1. Earrings - Dice White

Heading for a party? These Dice Earrings glow under UV lights, cool hey?! 

I love anything that is heart shaped, not only are they a gorgeous glittery colour but they will look stunning with a sexy Cat costume for Halloween!

 These Earrings also glow under UV lights, you will be dancing and glowing at the same time!

There's also free worldwide delivery when you spend over £10! Remember to become a member to receive great discounts off your orders too. 


  1. I love the false eyelashes! I still do not know what I am going to dress up as this weekend...

  2. I have those dice earrings, but mine are blue and I like them a lot! Those heart shaped stud earrings look so cute!

  3. Hmmmm Halloween what to wear what to wear! Thanks for the suggestions of those cute little earrings :D :D

  4. I had not considered body jewelery as a way to enhance my halloween costume. These are some great ideas and I definitely think that these would enhance a costume and take it to the next level.

  5. Contact lenses and fall eyelashes sounds like a great addition to an outfit. The dice earrings looks fun too!

  6. Whoa I would love to see the dice earrings glow under UV light. That's the coolest thing for Halloween. :) These are some unique pieces that are worth trying.

  7. I love the Dice earrings and especially that they glow in the dark! The hearts are great, too!

  8. Fun jewellry! An outfit is never complete (even a costume!) without the accessories. And these are some super cute ones!

  9. I really like the contact lenses! I have owned red ones, zombie ones, and blacked out ones but never glow in the dark. I bet they would look awesome! I wonder if the glow makes you feel like you have night vision? I guess I will just have to get some and find out!

  10. I know someone who would LOVE those dice earrings. What a wonderful gift idea for the holidays!