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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Superdrug Mini Beauty Shop

Hiya Girls!

Whenever i see a Superdrug store i just have to go in!

I purchased a lot of products not so long ago but i just couldn't resist getting a tiny bit more this week, hehe!

I love sharing what i got with you all and having girly chats about all things Beauty Related.

It's lovely to talk to people who share the same interests as me.


Sooo what goodies did i get?

Now this palettes says it has been created for Brown eyes, I have Green eyes but i loved the colours so much i had to get it.

I love this kit as it has Foundation, Concealer and a highlighter all in one palette so it's super easy to carry when you're on the go, it also comes with a cute little sponge and Brush applicator.

As i have very light skin i went for Ivory. 

I ADORE this colour so much! It's super soft and glides on perfectly, it doesn't leave my lips dry. It smells a little bit like Mint Toothpaste (LOL)

Another colour i absolutely love, again this is also very soft and feels nice on my lips, it also has a little bit of a sweet smell to it.


There are 3 gorgeous shades of Pink Glitter and 18 doubled sided adhesive wraps.

You apply the wraps to your nails, file off excess wrap then dip them in to the pots of glitter to create super girly nails.

As i have acrylics I like to put a little bit of nail glue on my nails so the glitter stays on even longer.

What are you planning on buying?


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