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Friday 27 June 2014

Pamela Mann Plus Size Tights

Hiya Lovelies!

We love pretty tights but sometimes it's hard to find ones that are comfortable and fit well, after all you will be wearing them all day or night and the last thing you want to be doing is pulling them up and tugging at them all day.

I'm 5ft 8 and a UK size 26.

Pamela Mann are a fantastic company that provides a selection of pretty Tights & Socks including Stockings & Hold Ups.

Their plus size range goes up to a size 32.

Pamela Mann Kindly sent me two gorgeous pair of tights in different sizes to try.

Firstly i tried the sexy Baroque Tulle Tights in a UK size 20-26

I love the pattern of these tights, they felt nice and soft. The tights fitted and went up to my waist, but when i walked around they would start to fall down, i would say they are more of a size 20-24, other than that they were fabulous tights

Secondly i tried the adorable Cat Ear Over The Knee Tights in a size 28-32.

These tights are so cute! Now they were a little big on me as they went right above my waist but this was a great thing because they didn't fall down and felt super comfortable.

I have acrylic nails so i had to be careful not to rip them! (Lol)

Always go for the larger size in tights even if they are not your usual size, opting for a larger size will make you feel more comfortable and they won't fall down.

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