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Monday 16 June 2014

My June GlossyBox 2014

Hiya Girls!

Another fabulous box!

As you all know i went to the GlossyBox indulgent shopping event at The Rituals store at St Pancras on Wednesday evening. You can read my post about it here I could have collected my GlossyBox there but i thought it would be better to just send it to my address as usual.

It's like a little present to yourself every month! 

So what lovely products did i get?


I have long hair so i love trying different styles, this product is great for volumising my hair, smells lovely and the product is Pink! Yay!

Full size - £4.07 for 100ml


If you didn't know already i'm a big fan of moisturisers and looking after my skin so i love this! Unfortunately i didn't like the fragrance but that's just my taste.

Full Size - Eau Fraiche Fragrance - £32 for 100ml

Full Size - Body Lotion - £13 for 200ml

Full Size - Shower Cream - £9.50 for 200ml


This is amazing! Fabulous for creating a flawless complexion, I can just pop it in to my bag without carrying lots of products with me. The packaging is super cute too!

One Size - £20


I adore the design of this brush! A great brush for applying eye shadow.

One Size - £19


A perfect base and nail hardener.

Full Size - £ 13.50 for 15ml


  1. I gave up on Glossybox a few years ago but seems to be getting better. I may resubcribe x