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Thursday 15 May 2014

Try before you buy Beauty Products from Mistrys

Hiya girls!

I love trying new Beauty Products and I'm always on the look out for those i haven't tried yet. 

So when i came across a try before you buy page on Mistrys i just had to get a few samples.

I love the option of try before you buy especially when shopping online because you won't end up buying a full size product, receiving it, then end up not liking it.  

Mistrys allows you to pick five samples and all you pay is £3.25 P&P. They currently have the following Brands...

Now these samples do sell out very fast so not all the samples i wanted to try were in stock.

They came in a nice little bag.

what samples did i try?

So this is a very high SPF50 protection cream to protect you from The Sun, this cream is mainly for Blondes and Redheads with a fair complexion, although i'm a brunette i do have very fair skin so i love knowing that this cream will protect it.

Would i buy the product at full size? Yes.

This is a no rinse cleanser for your face and eye area, it is very invigorating and great for very sensitive skin.

Would i buy the product at full size? Not sure as i have other cleansers i like better.

As you can see this looked a tad dark for my skin at first but the more i blended it in the lighter it got.

Would i buy the product at full size? If i used a small bit and blended it, Yes.

I quite like this, i love taking care of my skin and this is perfect for that. It's a soapless cleanser so perfect for the skins balance.

Would i buy the product at full size? Yes.

What samples would you love to try?


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