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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sensory Decisions

Hiya Girls!

Have you heard of Sensory Decisions?

It's a company that sells unique fragrances.

Are you a chocolate fan? Well now you can make your home smell like actual chocolate or maybe you love the smell of Coffee and Fresh Bread, they have those fragrances too!

They even have Fairground Popcorn and Cherry fragrances! Amazing!

Sensory Decisions kindly sent me some samples to try.

Now when it comes to air fresheners/candles for my home i'm very fussy and only like certain scents.

So what did i think?

Sensory Decisions Cherry

This smells super yummy it makes me want to eat a cherry bakewell tart! (lol)

Sensory Decisions Leather

I can't believe how much this smells like leather! ( i know it's meant to but wow!)

It's like i just bought a new leather sofa!

Sensory Decisions Chocolate

OMG! This smells so good, it makes me want to go and have a hot chocolate, i highly recommend this fragrance for all the chocolate lovers out there!

These fragrances are unbelievable and i can't wait to try more scents!

So go and have a nosey, they have some special offers on at the moment too.


1 comment:

  1. My husband would love it if I smelt like chocolate haha