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Friday, 9 May 2014

Introducing Marie Belle & 10% off their Accessories

Hiya Girls!

There's a new Fashion Accessories company called Marie Belle who have just recently launched.

I adore Fashion and love choosing Accessories to go with my outfits, adding Accessories like Jewellery can add extra style to an outfit and don't forget a gorgeous Handbag! 

Handbags! Handbags! Handbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags! OMG Handbags! I have a little tiny obsession for Handbags!

I know you all do too! 

Accessorizing is all part of the fun when choosing an outfit to wear. Listening to music while You're deciding on what earrings look best, should i wear this necklace or that one, Maybe this Bracelet will go with this dress!

Marie Belle have very kindly given me a code for you all to receive 10% off  your entire purchase without a minimum spend! Yipeeee!

Just enter MBPLUS10 at the checkout, this code is valid until the 31/5/14

So what kind of Accessories are there?

Lucy Earrings - Periwinkle £5

Finley Necklace £8

Rosie Mini Nude Satchel £12.99

  Nicole Ring £5

Scarlett Necklace £8
Plus lots more!

Some of my Favourites so far...

Lucy Earrings - Periwinkle £5

Rosie Mini Nude Satchel £12.99

Finley Necklace £8

Happy Accessorizing!


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