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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Coloured Heel Tips - A new must have!

Hiya girls!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could change the colour of your Heel Tips so that it matches with your outfit, Bag or even Make-Up? 

Well now you can, The wonderful company Coloured Heel Tips have come up with this fabulous idea and currently offer a Red Heel Tip which looks hot! There will be lots more colours such as Magenta, Teal and Blue to come in the future!  

They kindly sent me a sample, i chose the 19mm size tips to review and i must say they're fantastic!

The difference after adding the Red Heel Tip to my Boots.

If your anything like me you will have lots of Heels but not enough feet! You can change the look of your Heels in seconds and match them with whatever style your wearing that day or night!

You don't need to be a shoe maker to replace your Heel Tips it's quite simple! 

Here's a few steps on how to add your Heel Tip...

1. Find a pair of Pliers.

2. Get a hold of the Heel Tip and pull it out using the pliers.

3. If you are struggling, carefully move the heel tip from left to right making sure you still pull it out as straight as possible to avoid breaking the tip.

4. If you're still having trouble find the incredible hulk, failing that find the strongest person you know.

5. Find a hammer and hammer the new heel tip into the Heel of your shoe or if you haven't got a hammer bang it against a piece of wood.

6. Tadarr! You now have new sexy Heel Tips!

Once i got hang of the technique of wiggling it from side to side, i had no problems.

Remember if you can't find the exact size Heel tip most shoes will fit a size up or down, or you can also go to your nearest cobbler and they can file them down if you went for the larger size.