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Monday 10 March 2014

Such a cute hooded top!

Today I'm wearing a cute hooded top from Yours Clothing, I wore it with Leggings and Long boots. You can also wear it with Jeans, Dolly shoes and even Heels!

The design print is adorable, I love this top because I've been to Paris, I'm from London and I'm planning to go to New York in the future. It's like a little list of all the places I've been to or want to visit. The pink heart makes it girly and i love anything girly!

The great thing about this top is that the hood isn't too bulky but still good enough for when it rains, so you can wear it in the summer and winter! 

This top is no longer on the website, hopefully they will get more in stock. They have a few similar options that are just as cute!

Why don't you try some of these lovely tops...

Also Available in Red. 

Happy Shopping!


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