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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Non Surgical Younger skin at The Dublin Vitality Center

Would you love to have younger, fresher looking skin but hate the thought of surgery? I highly recommend The Dublin Vitality Center and try their 3 step skin rejuvenation method.  The fantastic thing about this method is that it’s for both men and women, painless and you can see improvements of the skin in just 8 weeks. Yes 8 weeks!

Have you ever thought about how French Women keep their skin young and fresh? Well Mesotherapy is their best kept secret.

The Dublin Vitality Center will be one of the first skin care clinics to use Dermatude, a facelift alternative which is non-surgical. This is a technique that simply means that the needles are controlled by a machine which is different to Derma Rolling which is not controlled by a machine. The best thing about using this amazing technique is that the needles will only go as deep as needed therefore resulting in no possible damage whatsoever.

I think this is a wonderful method because its hassle free, no surgery, no pain and incredible results in a short period of time! It fits in with your life, so you can achieve the younger looking skin you have always wanted.

How does it work? Well it’s simple!

Non surgical

The Skin surface can become damaged by the elements, resulting in a hard upper dermis. This layer of skin is made of loose connective tissue, this means that over time the skin will become tired and aged looking. Sun damage can cause dead skin which prevents the skin from breathing which makes the skin appear hard. During Step 1 the Diamond Microdermabrasion, the old dry skin is removed leaving a youthful glow to your skin.

As you become older the lines around your eyes, mouth and forehead caused by expressions over the years can become hardened and set. The skin becomes thicker, leaving you with a leathery look. This is where Step 2 comes in. The Dermatude alternative non-surgical face lift stimulates the skin to start its own healing process. Skin needling is used to target these problem areas. The Derma Rolling device gently presses into the upper Dermis, waking the skin up leaving you with that softer, youthful appearance.

Are you fed up of those broken capillaries around your nose and cheek? This is where Step 3 comes in. The magic of Diathermy!  These thread veins on the face are part of the aging process but also caused by all types of weather.  Diathermy leaves skin clear and blemish free. The fabulous thing about Diathermy is that there are no lasers or damage involved just perfect results. It is very rare that a second treatment of Diathermy will be needed.

This 3 step skin rejuvenation method is a genius technique and definitely a better alternative to surgery.  All treatments are carried out by Nurse Trained Therapists so you will be in very safe hands when you visit The Dublin Vitality Center.

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