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Monday, 20 July 2020

Dating While Social Distancing

With the ongoing current pandemic, the last few months have been a bit crazy. The year 2020 will most certainly, never been forgotten. We have all been shocked by what's happening right now. When it comes to Dating during a global pandemic, we ask ourselves how is it possible? Most Dating Apps have introduced a new feature where you can go live... this means that you can now video chat with each other over an app instead of just in the usually messaging style, I think the live video option should be a permanent feature on dating apps, as it will let you know who the genuine people are. Skype is another form of video chatting while social distancing.  

If you've been worried about dating during this time don't. There are so many options that allow you to still date someone and who knows... you may even find the love of your life. There are loads of dating websites out there these days such as the Bedfordshire dating site. These websites are so easy to use and you can sign up in minutes!

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Fed up of video chatting on your phone and desperately seeking human interaction in person? Why not have a nice social distance walk through a park. Not only do you get to see your date in person but you can also enjoy the view and get some fresh air into your lungs. Before you get there, pack yourself a lovely picnic full of your favourite snacks to enjoy. If you really wanted too, you could even both hire a Bicycle and take a leisurely ride to wherever you wish to go. Make sure you choose the right dating site for you, datebedforshiresingles.co.uk is a good place to start.
Alcohol, Blanket, Celebration, Champagne, Couple, Drink
Dine With Me

Some restaurants are opening up back slowly but you'll have to give your name and details. You will also have to pre-book so they can give you an allotted slot. Eat your favourite food and find out about each others likes and dislikes. 
Restaurant, Wine, Glasses, Served, Dinner, Celebration
Romantic Boat Rides

A few Parks offer boat/pedalo hire service in which you can enjoy a ride along the lake. Most have been opening up again over the last couple of weeks. This would make an excellent social distance date as you can laugh at each getting into the boat while trying not to fall in... the perfect setting for a bit of flirting, especially on a nice breezy sunny day. There are lots throughout the UK so give it a google and see what's near you. 
Park, Cabecera, Valencia, Pedalos, Lake, Pond, Spain

A Zoo Date

Why not visit a Zoo or Farm? If you're both keen on animals, this could make a wonderful date. Most Zoos are open with protection measures in place to ensure all safety regulations are in order.
If both or either you have a pet dog, then why not bring them along too. Not only are they fun to be around, but they will also give you another topic to talk about on your date, showing that you have something in common. Don't forget to bring the doggy treats!
Animal, Tiger, Big Cat, Safari, Wild Cat, Wildlife, Zoo

Don't let a global pandemic get in the way of stopping you from dating or finding love!

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Vector Pets - A Special Gift

I have always been a huge fan of animals, Dogs and Horses have been part of my life for a very long time. Over the years I have created a strong bond with these animals and that bond will stay with me forever. I have lots of fond memories when it comes to animals having travelled to many Zoos and Farms all over the UK. I remember visiting a Zoo many years ago and couldn't fathom how small the Penguins and Meerkats were... silly I know but they looked so much taller on the television. I just couldn't believe it! Apart from Dogs and Horses, my favourite animal has to be a Giraffe... Saying that it's pretty difficult to choose a favourite. Giraffes are just so tall and majestic and to me, have the cutest faces. 

I love looking at old photos of me and my Dogs. Even though they have now passed. They bring back good memories. My first Dog called Lady was a golden Labrador, she was already here when I was born and she was so gentle and kind. Then came Max, a Dachshund and he was so fluffy and also kind. He was very mischievous and used to steal butter out of the shopping bag... he was a very clever Dog! We could not find him anywhere once and searched the whole house and garden. We thought he may have went outside while bringing the shopping in. He didn't even come when we called his name. I eventually found him curled up in a tight ball asleep behind the television! Then there was Star... a Horse I used to ride in Ireland. The riding school was situated in a huge old Castle and had an array of different animals. A Pig managed to escape once and everyone was running around trying to catch it, that was a super funny moment! 

Pictures are so important to look back on, that's why purchasing a digital Pet Portrait is ideal for pet lovers and make the perfect gift. Forget the socks or novelty cups... make that gift more special with a portrait of their favourite animal. Whether it's Father's Day, Mother's Day, A Birthday, Christmas... any gift-giving occasion. Presents to do with animals will make any animal lover happy. I love those personalised cards you can get where you upload a photo of you and your pet. I still have Max's personalised doggy bed to remind me of him. So where can I get a digital pet portrait? Well, don't worry, I know just the website... Vector Pets, a hand-drawn illustration service who will draw your pet for just £8! With delivery in 72 hours. There are also other add-ons you can get such as a full-body drawing for an extra £4. You can also get 24-hour delivery and items removed from the drawing for instance a collar etc. These come at an additional cost.
Detailed style 1

You can choose a detailed style or a cartoon style. Both look amazing! Get as many as you want. Frame them all around your house... as we all know, pets are part of the family too! Dogs have such great personalities and they all have their cute ways! Max used to love going for drives and sticking his head right out of the window... he looked so funny! He used to get super excited when he saw me with the lead and let out a high pitched bark. He loved walking to the park and meeting his doggy friends. I'm currently looking for a Dog, it's been a few years now since having an animal. I love spending sunny days in the park watching all the Dogs, it'll be nice to bring my own Dog again too! I can't wait to get one of those doggy cameras that you can set up and watch them from your phone while you're out, Oh and the treat throwing device.

Detailed style 2
Cartoon style 1
Does anyone else spend a ridiculous amount of time on YouTube watching funny animal fails? Once I watch one, I end up watching another and another, before I know it, 2 hours have passed! Tik Tok has some great animal clips too. So addicting! My favourite Animal movie has to be Marley & Me. Although every time I watch it I end up in tears. Such a loving, emotional but sad movie. I love watching movies where animals talk and develop human-like personalities... makes me laugh! What's your favourite animal-related movie and what pet do you have?



Thursday, 9 July 2020

Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Look And Boost Your Confidence

It’s not always easy to boost your confidence. We all have days when we don’t feel our best... but if you have more bad days than good, there are ways to increase self-esteem and feel more comfortable in your own skin. If you lack confidence, or you’re keen to freshen up your look and put a spring in your step.

Here are some simple steps to take today. 

Revamping your hairstyle

For some people, their hair is their crowning glory. For others, the less effort they have to make with their hair, the better. If you’ve fallen into a style rut, you’ve had the same cut or colour for years, or you spend your entire life sporting a bun or a messy ponytail, now is the time to revamp your hairstyle and try something new. If you don’t usually do much with your hair, you may be surprised at what a difference even a subtle change of tone or shape can make. Before you go to a salon, look through magazines and browse online galleries and social networks to get some inspiration and ideas.

Screenshot or cut out images you like and take them with you so that you can show your stylist. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice when you get to the salon. You might know exactly what you want to do with your hair, but if you don’t, it’s worth asking the hairdresser about which cuts and colours they feel would suit you best. Different styles suit different face shapes and facial features, and your skin tone is likely to influence which shades and tones complement your complexion. You don’t have to chop off 6 inches of hair or go from dark brown to blonde or red to achieve a stunning transformation. Highlights, lowlights, shaping around the face and adding a fringe can all make an amazing difference to the way you look and feel.  

Updating your wardrobe

Most of us are familiar with the concept of retail therapy, but if you’re low on confidence, shopping isn’t always enjoyable. If you’re reluctant to head to the shops, online shopping is a brilliant idea. You can order clothes that you love the look of without anyone trying to put you off or influence your decisions, you can try items on in the comfort of your own home, and you can simply send anything that doesn’t suit you back to the store. Refreshing your wardrobe is a fantastic way to embrace and discover new trends, to diversify your clothing collection and to make yourself feel better. 

When you’re looking for new investments, focus on your individual style and preferences, opt for shapes and don’t be afraid to try looks that you wouldn’t normally go for. All too often, we convince ourselves that items don’t suit us without even taking a second to try them on. If you’ve convinced yourself that short dresses, jumpsuits or tapered, high-waist trousers won’t look good on you without ever giving them a go, be brave and be kind to yourself. You might be surprised when you look in the mirror. Taking inspiration from catwalks, magazines and celebrities is a great idea when shopping for new clothes, but don’t buy anything simply because it’s on-trend. The beauty of fashion is that trends come and go and you can mix and match elements to create outfits that celebrate your personal taste. 

Investing in accessories

Investing in accessories is one of the best ways to spruce up your look and inject interest and flair into your wardrobe without breaking the bank. With new accessories, you can dress up even the most basic items of clothing, create unique looks and vary your outfits with a capsule wardrobe. As summer gets into full swing, you can add sunglasses, sandals, beach bags, hats and jewellery to your shopping list and tick off a host of trends. If you’re looking for a stylish shape, cat-eye, aviator and oversized round shades and glasses are everywhere this summer, and you can alter the frame style to suit your outfit. Aviators work brilliantly for casual, day-time looks, while oversized black or tortoiseshell shades are perfect for going from the beach to the bar. If you’re heading out for a catch up with friends, you can dress up staples like maxi skirts and jersey dresses with a cross-body bag or a tote, jewelled sandals and a statement necklace. For low-key picnics at the park, team a cap with a basic tee and light-wash mom jeans or a floaty floral dress and a pair of pumps. Add an oversized shirt or denim jacket in case the weather takes a turn.

Sprucing up your smile

Most of us consider our smiles our most important feature, but many are reluctant to show their pearly whites off. If you don’t feel confident when your teeth are on show, there are ways to enhance the aesthetic of your smile. Taking good care of your teeth and prioritising oral hygiene can make a difference and it’s also beneficial to see a dentist and a dental hygienist on a regular basis. Giving up smoking and cutting down on certain foods and drinks, including wine, coffee, tea, soy sauce and cola, can reduce the risk of staining. If you are conscious of having discoloured teeth, you could investigate cosmetic dental treatments, including tooth whitening and porcelain veneers. There are also some incredible treatment options for crooked, crowded and misshapen teeth available. 

It’s very easy to get into a rut, especially during a global lock down. If you’re craving change, or you’re keen to freshen up your look and feel more confident, now is the time to treat yourself to a mini makeover. Simple steps like changing your hairstyle, updating your wardrobe, buying new accessories and sprucing up your smile can make you look and feel a million dollars. It’s so important to feel comfortable and confident, and making subtle changes and being kind to yourself can have a dramatic impact on self-esteem. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Enhance Your Confidence In 3 Easy Steps

Pexels - CC0 Licence

In the twenty first century, with social media being the number one means of communication. For millennial's it can be challenging to maintain a positive body image.

Your self confidence can be sapped if you are forever scrolling through your Instagram feed only to see seemingly perfect selfies of people showing off their heavily filtered lives.

We all know that an X-Pro filter goes a long way to make everything look achingly cool, but it can still be soul destroying when you feel like you don’t match up.

Social media is a huge factor as to why people grow up with poor self esteem nowadays. It’s time to think about how you can enhance your confidence in three simple steps.


If you have been in the same routine for the past few years, it’s time for a change.
It can be difficult to move jobs or move house, so think of an easier change to make.

Even if you can’t take a sabbatical, you can use your vacation to go somewhere new rather than the usual Spanish resort. If you think you may struggle to fund your trip, consider heading to Buddy Loans to consolidate
your debt and pay off any credit cards you may have.

This way, you can have more money in your pocket for a vacation.

Think about heading on a trek to see the Inca Trail, venturing to Japan or heading for a city break in Europe. Spend some time exploring new areas and enjoy some time away from the stresses of modern life.

Forget about your overbearing boss at work and enjoy experiencing new vistas and meeting new people. Travelling can be one of the most life-affirming experiences so enjoy it while you can.

Social Media Detox

It’s time to banish the social media for a little while.
Even though you may rely on Facebook for catching up with friends,
you need to revert to more traditional modes of communication.

This will help shield your eyes from the confidence-sapping content.
You don’t have to be forced into viewing perfect holidays, meals and lifestyles.
Instead, enjoy working on your own environment and immediate surroundings.
Enjoy reading a book, cooking a meal, watching a movie and listening to music.

You don’t need social media. To develop a healthier relationship with Instagram, it’s time to give it a miss for a little while.

Get Active

While you may never be a gym bunny, you can stay active. Think about heading outdoors when the sun is shining, going for a walk and heading to the park.

Natural light will lift your mood, endorphins will be released and you can soak up some much needed Vitamin D. Being outside and active can naturally enhance your confidence and make you feel a little more like yourself.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Christmas Fun With Shinesty

Tis the season to Shinesty! How fast has this past year gone? It has absolutely flown by. Have you started preparing for Christmas? Or is it too early... Maybe some of you have already put your Christmas tree up!

Shinesty, an online clothes store have some pretty spectacular wacky Christmas outfits in a wide range of sizes, from Gingerbread Pyjamas to Snowman Skater Dresses. They even have matching outfits for you and your loved one.

"There's no half-assing the holidays and there's no half-assing your holiday outfits either."


This super soft Skater Dress is perfect for all the upcoming Christmas Parties. It's between novelty and sexy which I love!

Available in size XS - 5XL.

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With Shinesty)

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Add A Personal Touch With Custom Necklace

We all love to receive and give gifts on special occasions. Whether it's your birthday, anniversary or a simple something to say I love you. Present sharing is one of our many ways of showing appreciation for someone close to us. But what if you could also personalise these said gifts. Well, now you can with Custom Necklace  

Custom Necklace is an online store catering for all your personalised jewellery needs. They have a huge collection of earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and charms which can all be personalised at a touch of a button. Pretty easy!

They stock everything from personalised watches to custom photo key chains and that's not all they sell. They also have personalised wallets, custom cuff links and roman numeral jewellery. They even have gifts for all those pet lovers out there. Quite frankly, this is a one stop shop for all your required jewellery needs.

All items are made to order so need 3-5 business days to handcraft. 

I love their selection of monogram necklaces, my favourite has to be the rose gold disc.

Another top pick of mine is the Monogram Initial Necklace how cute is this?!

14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 inch chain lengths available.

You can also choose from a single or double hook.


Do you ship free worldwide?

Yes. We are glad to offer free shipping to most countries around the world!

Which shipping methods do you offer?

  • Standard Worldwide Standard Air Mail - Free Worldwide (between 20-25 Business days) - FREE
  • USPS First Class Mail with Tracking 8-12 Business Days (USA Only) - FREE
  • Priority e-Parcel with Tracking 8-12 Business Days - FREE (To the Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany only)
  • Super Urgent Shipping & Handling via DHL (between 3-6 business days) - $22.99

I have a special request for my order. How do I do that?

You can add your special requests in the 'Comments' box at the bottom of your Shopping Cart. Write your request as clear as possible and we will do our best to comply.

Can I order a necklace with special characters (#, @, &, $)?

You can personalize your necklace with any special characters when placing your order.

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With Custom Necklace)

Monday, 26 August 2019

Personalised Jewellery By GetNameNecklace

getnamenecklace.com is an online Brand who specialises in personalised Jewellery to suit all styles and tastes. I adore personalised gifts as I feel like they give that extra special something which will be treasured forever. There's a family and friends sale currently happening with up to 70% off as well as a buy one get one 30% off offer when you use the code FAM30. Perfect timing to buy all your birthday and holiday gifts, take advantage of this special offer while you can. 

  I love their stunning collection of personalised necklaces which you can view here get name necklace. They have a fabulous choice of sterling silver, rose gold plated and platinum plated silver. My particular favourite has to be the silver love heart!

The deer antlers necklace product1019

The memorial microscopic carvings necklace is another great piece that can be personalised with also choosing your preferred chain length product924

If you're looking for something meaningful for your mother or daughter then this projection necklace would make a fantastic gift which can be personalised product1066

Standard Shipping is free to all countries. 

Don't forget to follow them over on their social media pages

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With GetNameNecklace)