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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The Trendy Accessories You Need This Summer

Summer always brings a range of great fashion trends that can add a bit of spice to your life. You no longer need to wrap up in your winter clothes; it's time to wear things that make you look good and feel confident. I'm not going to look at outfit ideas - it's all about accessories today! Here are a few little bits and pieces that you can add to your summer wardrobe this year:  

Purple is the colour this season, so purple trainers are definitely a big hit. You need a pair of these to accompany your summer outfits as they're very diverse and can be worn with lots of different styles. Plus, the colour is just so beautiful and really blends in with the summer style. You don't have to splash the cash, pretty much all the fashion brands have their own lilac/purple trainers out now! 


You can always count on some type of handbag trend as the season's change. For summer 2019, everyone is ditching the functional handbags in favour of some not-so-practical tiny ones. These bags look like mini versions of ordinary handbags - almost like little purses. They're mainly just for show, and they can be a great little addition to your outfit. But, there's enough room for your phone, keys, and money; so that's good! 


 Bright Bracelets Bracelets are always a must have in summer, seeing as you can actually wear clothes that will show them off! This year, it's all about creating a statement with bold bracelets. Companies like Opals Australia make bracelets with large and vibrant opals that help give off that summer vibe. But, you can opt for any bracelets that are studded with gemstones or jewels; it's up to you. The idea is that you wear something that gives off some bright colours to match with the summer vibe. Ideally, try and find ones that reflect the light to really give that shiny appearance.
While we're talking about jewellery, there's another hot trend in this years summer fashion faves. Pearls are right back in fashion, and they're making a pretty big comeback. For years, they've been seen as outdated - something your granny used to wear back in the olden days. Now, some gorgeous pearl jewellery ideas let you accessorise your summer outfits with ease. Seeing as we've already mentioned bracelets, it's probably a good idea to opt for a pearl necklace or some statement earrings. 

Either way, you'll be extremely fashionable this summer. Remember, the number one rule of fashion is that you need to accessorise! An outfit isn't complete unless you have a few little things to go with it. The secret to great accessories is that they don't take too much away from the outfit itself. They should add to it, complement the main pieces, and make you shine. If you're looking for some summer inspiration, then the accessories above will be perfect for the sunny months or most likely, the sunny weeks!

Monday, 22 April 2019

Improving Your Smile For A Confident New You

Are you the type of person who hates to smile in photos? Many people dislike their smile, but there are things you can do to help you fall in love with it. There are plenty of ways to enhance your smile according to your budget and comfort for a smile that will have you grinning in no time. Look at some of the following ways of improving your smile for a confident new you.
Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Work on your oral hygiene

The first step to a better smile is making sure you look after your teeth properly. Brushing your teeth twice a day isn’t enough, and there’s a lot more you can do now to improve your oral health. Some useful tips for healthy teeth include flossing and using a good mouthwash. You should limit the amount of sugary foods and drink you eat too - these can destroy teeth more than you know.

Try teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be a fast and simple route to improving your smile. The good news is that there are a lot of different teeth whitening treatments available that can help you get that brighter, whiter smile. There are budget teeth whitening treatments you can do at home that can deliver some excellent results, or you can consider going to the dentist for a more professional whitening treatment. Always read the label carefully before using whitening products, and only buy from trusted sources.

Get help from a dentist

The best person to get advice from about enhancing your smile is your dentist. They can advise on the best treatments to improve your teeth, as well as advise on longer-term treatments to help boost your smile. A visit to an orthodontist could help you decide whether braces, veneers or an invisible straightening solution is more appropriate for you. Dental treatments can cost a lot of money, but it can be a price worth paying for long-lasting confidence.

Create the perfect pout

Your smile isn’t all about your teeth, your lips can play a big part in building confidence in your smile. It’s possible to create a luscious, full-looking pout using makeup, with some excellent plumping products. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner are known for overlining their lips to create the illusion of a fuller lip, which can boost your confidence that will show in your smile. Keep lips hydrated with the right moisturising products and drink plenty of water throughout the day to stop them from getting cracked.

There are lots of ways to enhance your smile and enjoy more confidence. Sometimes it’s those little boosts that can make the biggest difference and help you feel great from the inside out. Why not look at false lashes as another way to feel more confident when you need it most? Whatever you do, remember to be true to yourself - it’s the beauty within that will shine through after all.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Doll Lash - My New Favourite Eyelash Brand

OMG... Doll Lash has the most amazing Eyelashes. I travelled up to Liverpool on Saturday for The Curve Fashion Festival and that's where I discovered Doll Beauty. It only took two hours from London Euston, the train was super fast!

I picked up two stunning pairs of Mink Hair Eyelashes. One in the style Amy and One in the style Chloe Elizabeth. I love the fact that they are cruelty free. If you spend £20 or more, you can get free UK standard delivery. The Lashes can be worn up to twenty times. They also have Lash packs available as well as cute mirrors, tops and makeup bags. 

Wearing the Amy Lashes

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Pink Clove - Embracing Curves

Introducing Pink Clove. I'm sure you have heard of them by now. They are a online plus size fashion brand catering for sizes 16-28. They also have a fantastic range of wide fit shoes ranging from sizes 3-8.

Pink Clove will also be attending The Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool this year, so you can shop till you drop in the Fashion Hall! It will be the brands first time at the event. 

"With trends constantly on the move we want to keep you on board with our wide variety of the latest fashions in evening and day wear. Our online store means you can visit us whenever and wherever suits you, so style never has to stop"

I definitely prefer trying on clothes to find the right fit before buying. However, one can't really do that with online shopping, unless you're prepared to keep posting items back and fourth or you know for sure which size you are with a particular brand. If you have never shopped at Pink Clove before, just follow the steps below to work out your size.

One of my favourite pieces from Pink Clove is this gorgeous Check Flared Sleeve Dress. I love how it's so versatile. I can dress it up or keep it casual. At 5ft 8, this piece sits just above my knees and is true to size. 


(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With Pink Clove)

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Plus Size Shapewear By CYSM

Beauty unequivocally comes in all shapes and sizes. I embrace my curves and wobbly bits and you should too. As I always say, Fashion doesn't end at a certain size. Flattering or not, if I am obsessed with a piece of clothing, I am certainly going to wear it. 

CYSM reached out to me to try one of their products, The Thermal Body Shaper. I don't usually wear Shapewear but this particular piece emphasises your curves instead of trying to hide them which I love. This piece also helps with better posture.

"We believe all we women are beautiful and we want them to feel that way. We believe in showing self-confidence every day"

The Thermal Body Shaper comes in sizes XS TO 5XL and available in two colours, Nude & Black. You can also choose from a pant or thong style. What I like most about this piece are the wide straps which feel truly comfortable. As we all know, if straps do not fit properly they become annoying and irritating. As it's getting colder the thermal aspect will keep you warm while wearing your favourite Dress. CYSM also has a selection of  Jeans & Leggings. Free shipping on all orders.

"It's your time to take over the world!"

If you sign up with CYSM you instantly get 200 points. You can also receive discounts and gifts. Follow the steps below. It's easy!

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With CYSM)

Friday, 5 October 2018

The Curve Fashion Festival 2018 - Don't Miss It!

OMG. The Curve Fashion Festival is just over a month away. The curve loving festival which is now in its fourth year takes place in Liverpool. With catwalks, celebrity panels and the latest pieces for sale, this is an event not to be missed!

Celebrity guests include Hayley Hasselhoff and Gemma Collins, more to be announced soon. There are also a number of Sponsors this year including Debenhams who will be offering Bra fittings along with a Designer on the How To Stage. They will be showcasing their latest pieces on the catwalk along with many well known Brands. Did you know that Debenhams also offer Beauty products? It will be their second year promoting the range. 

I will be wearing pieces from Very.co.uk on the day so look out for outfit posts across my social media. If you will be attending this year don't forget to use #TCFF18 & #curvefashfest to show your style!

Main Stage Schedule

BoobyDoo: What a proper sports bra can do for your breasts (and how to find the perfect one) with Charlotte Wright and model Abby Russel

Catch River Island and their special guest live on the main stage! More details to follow!

Debenhams heads to the stage to talk all things lingerie with a Celebrity Guest!

Hayley Hasselhoff will join Marks and Spencer to answer all your styling questions.

Matalan and Danielle Vanier will be discussing all things social media!

Catwalk Schedule

High Street Retailers Catwalk Show FEATURING Yours Clothing, River Island,
Debenhams, Matalan, Quiz, Marks & Spencer and MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

Online Retailers Catwalk Show FEATURING Viva Voluptuous, Pretty Little Thing,
Topsy Curvy, Missguided, Curvissa, Boohoo, Lovedrobe and MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

Debenhams Launch their latest Lingerie Collection!

High Street Retailers Catwalk Show FEATURING
Yours Clothing, River Island, Debenhams, Matalan, Quiz, Marks & Spencer

Online Retailers Catwalk Show FEATURING Viva Voluptuous, Pretty Little Thing,
Topsy Curvy, Missguided, Curvissa, Boohoo, Lovedrobe, Curves with Purpose and MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

Gemma Collins will launch her latest Collection with boohoo!

See you there!

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With The Curve Fashion Festival)

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Introducing Jouellerie

Diamonds are a girl's best friend... In fact all Jewellery are a girl's best friend! I love coming across new and upcoming Brands, it's so exciting to see what they have to offer. Let me introduce you to Jouellerie, a new online Jewellery store that launched this Summer.

From dazzling Rings and Pendants to stunning Earrings and Bracelets, Jouellerie screams luxury. With item names like A Little Unicorn Bracelet, how can we resist?! I'm also obsessed with the A Little Prosecco Bracelet, pop over to the website to find out more.

Don't forget, one in every Hundred orders will receive a free Pandora gift! Plus there's free UK shipping on orders over £20. Here are some of my favourite pieces so far.
Crown Earrings Silver
Artemis Bracelet Rose
Aeliana Bracelet Silver
Arabella Two Piece Set Silver
Trinity Bangle & Earring Set Silver
Check out their Social Media below.

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With Jouellerie)