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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Tips for Avoiding Procrastination & Just Getting Started


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As the old saying goes, “procrastination is the thief of time.” For just about everyone, at least some of the time, procrastination rears its ugly head and prevents us from achieving our full potential in our personal lives, in our professional lives, with regards to hobbies, and even in terms of our interpersonal relationships.

When push comes to shove, however, hold-ups, delays, and “obstacles” often have more to do with our mindset than with the practical realities of the situation. If your air conditioning unit has broken down, for example, there are 24 Hour AC Repair available to get that issue resolved quickly – and yet these sorts of errands often go ignored for a prolonged period of time. Here are a handful of tips for avoiding procrastination and just getting started.

Focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes to get out of your head and back into the present moment 

Procrastination can often be driven to a significant degree by our own thoughts about the task at hand. Often enough, once we actually get started we find that the difficulties we imagined to be so severe are nowhere near as hard to overcome in reality as they were in our own minds, and the dread we might have felt at the idea of sitting down and working often proves to be unfounded.

One of the first things to try when you feel the urge to procrastinate, therefore, is to focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes – and to take deep breaths, as well – in order to bring your awareness back to the present moment and get yourself out of your own head.

 Do a bit of preparation in advance, so that there is minimal resistance to actually getting started

The likelihood that you will be caught up in a spiral of procrastination goes up sharply if there’s a lot of “practical resistance” to getting started on a challenging task. On the other hand, if you’ve done a good deal of preparation in advance, and you can essentially just turn up and get going with minimal hold-ups, it will be much easier to overcome that tendency to procrastinate. “Preparation” will mean different things in different contexts. It might mean leaving your gym bag packed the night before, doing preparatory research for a big project, or tidying up your office desk.

Take active steps to improve your sleep and energy levels

If you are feeling exhausted and are struggling with flagging energy levels, it’s very likely that you will be a lot more prone to procrastination than you would be if you were well-rested and energised. Although it may seem like a bit of a roundabout thing, taking active steps to improve your sleep and energy levels – and to maintain a regular sleep schedule – can work wonders with regards to helping you to get things done in a timely manner.

As a rule of thumb: the more exhausted you feel, the harder it will be to motivate yourself to get started on anything that requires effort.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Recreating Hotel Luxury in Three Areas of Your Home

 There is something luxurious about staying overnight in a good hotel, isn't there? From sumptuous bedding to fluffy towels and sample-sized bottles of toiletries, a trip away from home in a hotel is always going to be an experience.

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 License

It makes sense that many people look at how they can recreate that sumptuous feeling at home. Our homes are our palaces, and being able to add an extra layer of luxury via home accessories or habits can help you enjoy your time at home that little bit more.

There are three main areas of your home that you can focus on to add luxury to your home and recreate that feeling you get when you stay at a really nice hotel.


One area of your home that will always benefit from luxury additions is your bedroom. Creating a space that exudes calm and relaxation is the ultimate goal. You can make low cost and easy changes by adding hotel bed linens to your bed to recreate the hotel bed at home feel. Soft blankets and sumptuous pillows that add comfort will also help you create a bedroom that could double as a hotel room.

Add mood lighting by swapping to dimmer lights or even wall lights to create added ambience in the room. Or even strip lighting that illuminates certain features such as a backlit TV or even headboard. Lined floor-length curtains will give you that extra barrier to close off the outside and pretend you are somewhere else while also bringing a touch of drama to the room. Accessorise with tie back or hooks to style when open during the daytime.

Remember, your mattress needs to change approximately every 7 years. If you are updating your bedroom furnishings, consider buying a new mattress to help you get a better night and complete your hotel quality bedroom.


Let's face it; there are some stunning hotel bathrooms that many people would love to recreate at home. One of the most famous bathroom scenes in the world is the one from Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts lounging in a tub full of bubbles is something many people want to recreate. And why not at home if you have the room.

One of the main points when discussing creating a luxurious hotel bathroom at home is the colour scheme. White never goes out of style and allows you to use different colours around the room without detracting from the style of the suite. 

Opt for a jacuzzi bathtub with massaging jets or a glass-enclosed walk-in show with a powerful showerhead that looks like water is pouring out of the ceiling. Choose a fully tiled look for floors and walls, marble for that extra wow factor budget allowing.

Double set sinks and illuminated cabinets and mirrors - did you know you can buy mirrors that demist themselves saving you the job? It doesn't get much more luxury than that.

Don't forget those plush bath towels and snuggly soft towelling robes too.


One of the first things you see when you set foot inside a hotel in the lobby. Huge grand spaces bustling with people showcasing the very best the hotel has to offer. Not all of us are lucky to have a grand sweeping staircase reminiscent of Cher's home in Clueless. But maximising the space in this part of your home can be the difference between feeling relaxed when you arrive home or adding to your stress.

The best way to create a luxurious hallway, no matter the size you have to renovate, is to create a focal point in the entryway to your home. Do this by adding a statement coat rack that adds some character or a well-placed side table adorned with plants or bright flowers.

Colourwise, your hallway should reflect your home but depend on the amount of right and space in this area, you can choose how you want to decorate and the colour scheme you will use.

Again tiled flooring can be an eye-catching feature of your hallways, or resorting to old patterned tiles that have been previously covered will really give you an entrance that is warm and welcoming.

Replacing spindles on your staircase for a more modern design or even for a sheet of glass suspended can help you add light and space to an otherwise small hallway and staircase. As can adding stair runners to freshly painted or varnished stairs with ornate stair rods as an alternative to fully carpeting the stairs.

Remember, when it comes to adding hotel luxury to your home, less is more. Aiming to add too much and making the space look cluttered can ultimately detract from the overall feel you were going for.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

After Lockdown Dating Ideas

 Online dating has been around for quite a while now. However, Lockdown has definitely seen more people upload dating profiles. Virtual dating is pretty normal these days. Lots of sites now have the option for you to video call. There are also a number of virtual speed dating events via the internet. It won't be long until we can start dating in person again. So get your best date-night outfit ready. Video dating is fun but personally, I can't wait to get back to face to face dating after lockdown. Getting ready, listening to my favourite music, telling my friends about my date and choosing what to wear is all part of the fun before going on the date. Here are some date ideas that you'll love. 

1. Balmedie Beach

Breathe in the fresh sea air as you take a stroll along the sandy beach. Located 5 miles from Aberdeen this beach has lovely flat sand to walk upon. A cute day date for sure. The perfect place to relax, chat and get to know each other while taking in the stunning views. There are also a few shops nearby. Find your perfect date over at the Aberdeen Dating Site. Don't forget to dip your feet in the sea, Oh, and why not pack a little picnic too, especially if the weather is nice and sunny. 

2. His Majesty's Theatre

Did you know that this is the largest theatre in the north east of Scotland? If you both love going to the theatre, then this would be a really great date idea. From film festivals, comedy acts and musicals, you will find something that you will enjoy watching. There is also a bar to keep you refreshed. 

3. Codona's Aberdeen

If you both love adrenaline then a visit here is a must. With lots of rides to go on, you'll be sure to have an amazing time. Codona's also has lots of indoor games inside the arcade as well as bowling and go-karting. Who will beat who?

4. Union Square

Lovers of shopping? Then you'll love Union Square. With so many shops to look at, you might need to come back for a second date. There are lots of places to grab something to eat too or a coffee. A perfect way of getting to know each other once you're all shopped out. There's also a Cineworld here so if you want to make the date longer this would be a perfect evening date after shopping. 

5. Porter's Gin Micro Distillery

Porter's built their micro-distillery under a cocktail bar, with their Gins having a mixture of contemporary and classic distillation. If you love gin, then this is the place for you. The tour lasts about an hour and you'll get to learn about what goes into making Gin such as the science behind it and the background of it. You can also buy a bottle of gin to remember your day. Find yourself the perfect gin date over at Aberdeen Dating


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Thursday, 8 April 2021

Dates After Lockdown

 Living in a digitally-based world, online dating has been on the rise and even more so during the lockdown. Many have taken to the internet to find the one. Virtual dating has become the norm. There are lots of apps that now have the option for you to video call the person you have connected with. There are also lots of zoom speed dating events. It won't be long until we can start dating in person again. Here are some date ideas that you'll both love.

1. The Scotch Whisky Experience

Ever wondered how Whiskey is made? Then this could make a great day date. If you're new to Whiskey I recommend the Silver Tour which gives you 50 minutes with a Whiskey expert. If you both enjoy Whiskey then go for the Gold Tour which lasts 90 minutes. There are also masterclasses available as well as virtual Whiskey tasting where you will be sent out a box to try. Check out Edinburgh Dating to find your perfect match

2. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Lovers of Art and Paintings? Then you should most definitely take a date here. Located in one of Edinburgh's iconic buildings, you get to explore Scotland's past. All the displays here tell the story of Scotland through historical figures such as Mary Queen Of Scots. Don't forget to check out what exhibitions they have on too. There's always something on that will interest you. The history behind the paintings will make you want to know more and more.

3. Edinburgh Gin Distillery 

If you love Gin, a day date to this Distillery will be a fun one. The gin is made from two unique distilleries in Scotland. The tasting experience consists of five different Gins & liqueurs from their range. As you enjoy your Gin tasting experience, you'll be giving an in-depth talk about Gin. You'll be leaving very happy! They currently only do the tasting at the west end distillery.

4. A Stroll Along Portobello Beach

Take your date on a romantic evening walk along this beautiful beach as you breathe in the fresh sea air. If it's a hot day you can also enjoy a paddle in the sea, don't slip! There are also lots of places to grab a coffee and something to eat. There are a lot of dog walkers about too, so if you love dogs you'll love this beach. There's plenty of spaces to sit and relax while you watch the stunning sunset go down. 

5. Bobcat Alpacas

If your date ever wanted to meet an Alpaca up close and personal. This is your chance to impress. You will be able to learn about how to handle Alpacas as well as the history behind them. Then there's the 90-minute walk with the Alpacas which is taken place at the Pentland Regional Park. After the walk, you get to feed them too, how exciting! If you need a date head over to Edinburgh Dating. Alpacas are super cute, you may not want to leave. 


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Date Ideas After Lockdown

 I'm so excited for places to reopen and get back to in-person dating. Things should hopefully get back to normal in a couple of months, we are all getting super excited. Lockdown has made conventional dating slightly more difficult. Many of us have opted to go on virtual dates from the comfort of our own home. The rise of online dating has soared during the lockdown. Many dating apps have now introduced a video feature to chat live with the person you're talking to. It's actually a great way to get to know each other a bit more before a first date. Here are some date ideas for after lockdown.

1. Stonehenge Tour

Stonehenge has always been a popular topic of discussion. If you have ever wanted to visit Stonehenge, this could be a very cool day date. Stonehenge evolved over 5,000 years ago and was brought from the welsh mountains. You can choose the hop on hop off option or the 2.6-mile course which allows you to walk to Stonehenge. There's also a cafe and a shop so you can buy a souvenir to remember your day together. You are also allowed to bring a picnic. If you haven't found yourself a date yet, head over to  Wiltshire Dating

2. Longleat Safari Park

The best date for animal lovers. Did you know that Longleat is the UK's number one Safari Park? Pretty neat huh! There are lots of cool things to do at the Safari such as the Safari drive-through as well as some V.I.P experiences. Fancy a real close up experience? Opt for the Bronze Safari Park Package which lets you ride the zebra print 4x4. There are lots of experiences with lots of different animals. 

3. Roman Baths

If you're both into history then a day date to the Roman Baths could be a great option. Bring your own headphones for an audio tour as you explore or opt for The Trowel Tour which tells you about the archaeological history of the Roman Baths. There's also places to shop and eat. Don't forget to try some of the spa water over at the spa water fountain which has 43 minerals.

4. Swindon Designer Outlet

If you both love to shop then a date here is a must. With over 90 stores to shop at, there's something for everyone's taste. They have a Cadbury's store... Yes! a Cadbury's store. Treat your date to some yummy chocolate, cute! They also have a varied selection of restaurants and coffee shops. A perfect place to talk and get to know each other more. Get yourself to Wiltshire Dating and find that special someone.

5. Bowood House & Gardens

Another date for history enthusiasts. There are acres and acres to explore. Did you know that In 1725, the first house to be built was over at the hunting lodge site? This stunning park is over 2000 acres. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings with a romantic walk. You'll probably need more than one day to explore everything... an opportunity for a second date! 


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Saturday, 3 April 2021

Love After Lockdown

 Shops, Bars and Restaurants will be reopening in a couple of months, people are getting excited to finally get back to normal life. Lockdown has made conventional dating harder. Many have opted to go on virtual dates from the comfort of their own sofa. This allows you to get to know the person a bit before an actual meet. The rise of online dating has soared and more and more sites now have a video feature to chat live with who you wish. If you already have a date lined up for after Lockdown here are some date ideas. However, if you still haven't found anyone yet, why not have a look at Isle Of Wight Dating to find people near you. The most important thing is to be yourself and have fun. 

1. Feeling Adventurous

If you love the outdoors and a bit of adventure, why not go kayaking. If you both love adrenaline then this will be the perfect date for you. You'll get to glide under cliffs as well as visiting caves. This adventure lasts 2 hours and you'll get all the equipment you'll need such as a helmet and wetsuit. Sexy. Don't worry, you won't be just given a Kayak and thrown into the sea. An experienced guide will be there all the way. 

2. Visit The Zoo

This one is for animal lovers. Take a trip to the Isle Of Wight Zoo and look at all the animals. Before you know it, you'll be both non-stop chatting about what your favourite animals are. There are lots of animal experiences to enjoy together such as feeding the tigers. You'll be taken around for an up-close tour by the big cat keepers where you will be told stories about each tiger you get to see. Not bad for a first date. 

3. Cocktail Masterclass

If you both love a Cocktail, why not visit the Slug & Lettuce. You can choose from four different types of masterclasses. You can opt for the Cocktail Masterclass either with nibbles, a bronze buffet, a two-course meal or a three-course meal. Oh, and they also have the option to do it Mocktail style. 

4. Visit The Theatre

If you love all things Theatre relate, you should totally take a visit to The Shanklin Theatre. From comedy to musicals there are lots of events coming up later in the year. If you want to make the date extra special why not name a seat. You can actually name one of the theatre seats in your name or a special message. This will last for ten years. How cool is that? 

5. A BBQ On The Beach

There's nothing like a BBQ on a sunny day. But how about a BBQ on a sunny day on the beach? Take your date to Red Cliff, Yaverland when the tide is out and set up your BBQ. Yes, BBQ's are allowed, Yay. You cn also go for a relaxing dip in the sea looking up at the clear blue sky. You better hurry up and find your date to take over at Isle Of Wight Dating.


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Friday, 2 April 2021

Finding The One After Lockdown

Online dating has been on the rise for years now, even more so during the lockdown. Society has taken to the internet to find the one during this time. Virtual dating is pretty normal these days. There are lots of sites that now have the option for you to video call. There are also a number of virtual speed dating events via the internet. It won't be long until we can start dating in person again. So get your best date-night outfit ready! Here are some date ideas that you'll love.

1. A Romantic Walk

If you like the outdoors and don't mind getting your shoes muddy, a romantic walk along The White Cliffs Of Dover will make a perfect first date option. Breathe in the fresh sea air as you walk upon the cliffs. A chance to really talk and get to know each other. You could also throw in a few facts too, like how the white chalk is a very rare form of limestone... cool huh?

2. Wine Tour

If you both love Wine and finding new ones to try, visiting The Wine Tours of Kent is an absolute must. You get to visit three wineries to sample their yummy wines as well as lunch at a traditional country pub. A very cute Kent Dating idea indeed. You'll also get your very own minibus that will take you on all these tours.

3. Brooklands Lake

If you love lakes and watching the birds and geese then Brooklands Lake is the place to go. This inland lake and walking area make a perfect chilled day date. A pleasant place to relax and enjoy your surroundings while chatting. 

4. Margate Beach

Bring a picnic to enjoy on the golden sand and dip your feet in the sea. If you love everything to do with the seaside, this is the place to visit. If you're not keen on a picnic, there are lots of typical fish and chips options around as well as fun arcades. You never know you might get lucky and win that teddy bear! Whatever happens, it makes for a great day out. If you choose to extend your date into the evening, there are lots of lovely restaurants to choose from. Looking at the stunning views as the sun goes down... not bad hey. There are also lots of other events that take place at Margate Beach every year so be sure to check out their website for more information.

5. A BBC TV Show Tour

If you love television shows, especially Call The Midwife, get yourself to Chatham for a pretty cool location tour. You'll get to explore all the filming locations as well as having a look at the costumes. You will also get to find out some behind the scenes stories and a look at the props they use on set. Not a bad first date idea for television fans. Still, need to find a date? head over to the Kent Dating Site and find yours now. 


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