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Friday, 24 September 2021

The Perfect Business Cards

When you're a blogger at any blogging event, the most useful thing to have with you is your very own business cards. Blogger events are perfect for networking and promoting your blog as well as showcasing your niche. Business cards offer an easy and simple way to get your information out there without too much fussing around. I mean, who wants to be rustling around for a pen and paper to write down your details, for every person you speak to. It's just so time-consuming and gives off an unprofessional vibe. Business cards allow you to just casually place them on tables or hand them to the person you're speaking to.

So, what kind of information should I put on a business card? Well, that's entirely up to you. Personally for me, as a blogger. I will have my name, my blog address, my email address and what category my blog falls under. For me, I would put Plus Size Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. You could put your social media channels on there too. However, the main thing is to promote your blog address because your social media links will be on the front page of your blog anyway.  

If you offer a service to the public, then investing in some business cards would be a great step for you to increase exposure to your business. Whether you're a personal trainer, salon owner or a mobile beautician. These business cards will help you grow and reach more people. Leave them around anywhere you can and hand them out to passers-by. 

Where can I find a company to design my business cards from the comfort of my own home? Well, let me introduce you to Aura Print, a great place to get your business cards. Aura Print began in 2007, where there was only one person with one printer. Many years later, they have grown into a worldwide established business with now twenty professional print experts. They have printed for brands such as Pizza Hut, Waitrose and Toyota to name just a few. Pretty cool.

"At Aura, we’re all about pleasing our customers and we’re certainly on the right track if our customer reviews are anything to go by! So, if you’re thinking of placing an order with us, go have a browse of our site, read some reviews"

Aura Print have a huge selection of styles, materials and finishes. From standard paper to luxury, you'll find the right business card style for you. You can choose from recycled paper too. You can also pick your business card shape from portrait, landscape, square, doubled sided, single side, folded and even foiled. Something for everyone's taste. 

"The main goal has always been to provide high-quality print, that doesn't break the bank"

Did you know that Aura Print can make your business cards waterproof? Yes, waterproof. They're great for outdoor events. So, you can still be handing out your cards in the rain, if you wanted to that is. There are lots of other options to choose from too, such as matt, soft and gloss laminated business cards. If you're fed up with business cards tearing you can opt for the plastic finish. It just keeps getting better... magnetic cards are available to stick on anything metal.

"We take pride in curating and producing custom print jobs with a huge range of customisation options that other printers simply cannot match"

I needed new updated business cards so I opted for 250 double-sided standard landscape 85x55mm with a silk finish and 700gsm thickness. I chose the orchid pink as well as having gloss lamination on both sides. I feel like these options really go well with my blog style. You can choose from 50 copies to an amazing 5,000 copies in one order. Amazing, right?!  

The business cards arrived in a cute box which I loved because they can be stored. I love the vibrant colour and font. They have really made my blog information stand out and be seen. That's what I wanted. I like that my Blog logo takes up the whole space on one side too. I handed these cards out to some of my friends and family to see what their first impressions of the cards were.

"Of course they would be pink lol"

"I really like the gloss look"

"They feel very sturdy, like, they won't rip easily if they get wet"

"So smooth, haha"

"I need to get some"

"Fantastic Quality"

Business cards are a real asset to any company or any services that you provide. Although everything is more or less promoted through social media these days, there are still a lot of people who haven't got Twitter or Instagram. Handing out your business cards to the members of the public in local communities such as a bake sale event can bring in more customers and readers too. 

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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Giving Your Home A Makeover

Designing your home is always an exciting project to undertake. It's even more exciting when you're building a home from scratch. Discussing your plans with an architect, then finally seeing the blueprints in front of you. It can all feel a bit crazy, in a good way. That's why it's important to know exactly what you want in your home. 

If you have decided to build your house, you may have already opted for double glazed windows. However, if you're giving your home a refurb, you may want to think about changing your current windows to double glazed. When on the hunt for windows, you want to make sure you're not only getting exactly what you want but also a decent price for it too. 

So, why should you go for double glazed windows? Well, if you're looking to sell your property after installing double glazed windows, it can lead to an increased property value. A highly recommended investment for sure. These days more and more people are looking to buy a property that already have these installed. These types of windows provide better insulation as well as lowering noise that can be heard from outside. They also give more security as double glazed windows are harder to break. Don't forget triple glazed windows are available too. 

Another great thing about investing in double glazed windows is that they can potentially lower your energy bills as you won't need the heating on as much. Check out these window special offers by Three Counties and grab yourself a great deal. When I refurbish my home I would love to add some double glazed french doors that lead to the garden. These doors will make the room feel much more open and that's exactly what I'm looking for. At the moment I love the idea of white french doors but I like that there are other colours available in case I change my mind. I also want to add a conservatory, I have always wanted one and Three Counties have a nice selection of them ranging from traditional conservatories to those with glass extensions or a lantern roof. If I were to pick a colour I would definitely go for the cream, it just looks so fresh.

Finding an architect is a very exciting process, but can be challenging to find the right one for you. If you would like to learn more about the history behind architecture and architects, take a look here. A very interesting read. As much as I love designing myself, I don't think I'm as good as an architect. However, I can design Christmas Cards online, haha! 

Three counties are definitely a one-stop shop for all your home refurbishments. Sometimes window repairs need an expert approach as they are not always just a simple repair. if anything needs repairing, they will be there to do the job properly. When refurbing a home, planning is key. Being prepared and writing down your goals will help you throughout the whole process.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Travel In Style On Your Wedding Day

This past year or so has been an extremely uncertain time for everyone. As lockdown eases, we have now been able to start getting back to normal life and doing the things we have planned to do. One of the biggest things that many of us have been waiting for our Weddings. For many brides to be, it has been a really tough time. There was a rule where you were allowed to have a few people at a Wedding but this lead to having to choose between which loved ones to invite. This caused tension between families. Some brides decided to wait for the lockdown to end altogether, so they would be allowed to have as many people as they wished.

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, marrying the one you love forever. Dedicating your life to each other. You have planned your day in so much detail and you know exactly how you would like your day to go. Multiple trips to the dress shop, organizing a hair and makeup artist as well as the catering and decor. All these things will be thought about in-depth, not forgetting which song you'll have your first dance to. 

One of the most exciting moments about your wedding day is travelling and arriving at the church or venue. You want to arrive in style. The way you have always dreamed of. This day is a once in a lifetime occasion for you, you want to look back on your day and smile. Premier Carriage have a huge selection of Wedding cars to choose from. In fact, they have over 750! Now, that's a whole lot of cars. So, you're guaranteed to find the right car for you. 

So you must be wondering who our Premier Carriage? Well, they are an award-winning company with over 25 years of service.  Their Premier Collection consists of many different styles of vehicles, including the famous Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Beauford and Mercedes, They also have Wedding Buses which include the red London Routemaster, American Stretched Limousines and Volkswagen Campervans. So, whatever your taste, you will find it here.

Fun Fact... Did you that some of their classic and vintage vehicles have been featured in many films, Pretty cool right? Premier Carriage offer their services up and down the UK and can travel from London to as far as Manchester and even Glasgow.

With so many cars to choose from,  how will you know which one to pick? Don't worry, Premier Carriage has a page where there is a list of car options to choose from. Whether it's Modern Cars, Classic Cars, Grooms Cras or Stretched Limousines. You simply tick the ones you're interested in, how long you will like to hire them for and they will get back to you with a quote. Don't forget to put in your wedding date. The last thing you want is for your car not to show up on your actual wedding day. If you're based in London check out their London Wedding Cars.

Which vehicle would I pick on my Wedding day? I would most definitely have to go for their Horse Drawn Cinderella Glass Carriage. I just love how gorgeous the glass carriage is with the two stunning white shire horses. I just know that the pictures would be phenomenal looking. They also offer a second carriage at a discounted price for more bridesmaids and guests.

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Friday, 13 August 2021

Dating Ideas Now Lockdown Has Eased

  Over the past month, dating has gone back to normal... mostly. We are now allowed to dine inside restaurants... Yay! No more sitting out in the cold. During Lockdown, many went down the virtual dating route. Video dating became an even more popular thing as this was the easiest and safest method of getting to know someone during restrictions. It's a good idea to have a video chat before an in-person date anyway. It allows you to see what kind of person they are as well as allowing you to know that they are real and not a catfish! Here are some great date ideas if you live in the Cambridge area. Don't forget to check out the Cambridgeshire Dating Site too. 

Creepy Cambridge - Cambridge's Ghost Walk

If you both love all things spooky, you'll love this Ghost Walk. With 2000 years of history, ancient buildings colourful characters, this city is most definitely alive with ghosts. You'll get to meet the victims of horrific punishments, visit the hangman’s house and also one of the most haunted roads in England. Listen to the stories of phantom Fellows and spooky Scholars that haunt Cambridgeshire. Don't get too scared!

Private Chauffeur Punt Tour

If you fancy a more chilled date, a punt tour is a date for you. Glide along the River Cam on a private punt for you and your date. You'll have the whole punt to yourselves. You will experience amazing personalized attention from your guide. You will go by the stunning landmarks of Cambridge University as you both learn about their history while you relax and enjoy the sites. Find your perfect date over on the Cambridgeshire Dating Site

Discover Cambridge With A Local Pilot

If you fancy making your date one to remember, this will be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the beauty of Cambridge from a private micro plane. You’ll see gorgeous views of Cambridge University, King's College Chapel and the South-East coastline. If you feel nervous on the day, don't worry. You'll meet your pilot before you fly off. They will answer any questions or worries you may have about flying.

Self-Guided Cambridge Instagram Tour

Lovers of Instagram? Well, you are going to love this date idea. This creative walking tour takes you along some of the most Instagram worthy streets of Cambridge. The walking tour is filled with some unusual spots and hidden gems of Cambridge as well as taking you through its iconic attractions. Guided influencers Ella and historian Alex. Find out the perfect photography tips for those beautiful Instagram pics. What a great way to look back on your first date with some great pictures.

The Cambridge Gin Laboratory

What's your tipple? If it's Gin, then you have to absolutely visit here. The 

Cambridge Gin Laboratory is a fun interactive place dedicated to the appreciation of Gin. Operated by the famous Cambridge Distillery, this Laboratory contains a beautiful well-appointed classroom, shop, tasting lounge and private hire room. Discover the history of gin production and try the range for yourself... you might leave a bit tipsy!

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Monday, 7 June 2021

Cool Date Ideas

With lockdown eased, we can get back to good old dating. During Lockdown, many of us went for the virtual dates. Video dating became the norm for a while. Actually, it's a pretty good idea to have a video chat before an in-person date. It allows you to see what kind of character that person has and it also shows you they are real. Although restrictions have eased and the hospitality sector has reopened, there are still a couple of rules to follow, such as wearing your mask until you reach your table. There are lots of places to go on dates, check out Fife Dating to find your perfect match. Here are a few places that would make ideal date locations.

St Andrews Cathedral

If you love finding out about the history of cathedrals, visiting St Andrews will make a cool date. St Andrews Cathedral was Scotland’s largest cathedral and most known church. The museum has an outstanding collection of early and later medieval sculptures and also a few relics found on site. You can also see the stunning views from the top. A relaxed place to talk and get to know each other.

The Scottish Deer Centre

If you both love wildlife, visiting here will make such a cute date. The park is 55 acres and is home to 12 species of Deer and other animals which are from the Scottish countryside. These include Wolves, Lynx and Scottish Wildcat plus and also their European Brown Bear. They also host the Raptor World Bird of Prey Centre. There are lots of meals available for everyone too. Check out Fife Dating and find your dream date.

St Andrews Botanic Gardens

A wonderful date idea to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. This garden has 8,000 species of plants representing biomes around the world and known for its alpine plants in the rock garden. Did you know that the Original Botanic Garden was founded by the University of St. Andrews in 1889? The present Botanic Garden site is a whopping 18.5 acres. A gorgeous place to chill and unwind while getting to know your date.

St Andrews Aquarium

Another great date idea for animal lovers. As well as the regulars, there are also some new exotic animals to look at. St Andres Aquarium has more than 120 species and looks over St Andrews bay. You’ll get to see octopus, sharks, spiders, seals, poison dart frogs, crocodiles and penguins. You’ll also get to meet the cutest meerkat family. Don't forget to grab a nice coffee here too.

Scottish Highlands And Hogwarts Express Tour

If your date is a big Harry Potter fan, then this will be the perfect date. One to look back on and remember. Go on a magical journey and enjoy great tales and beautiful landscapes. Visitors have said that the best part of the trip is the journey on the Jacobite Steam Train. Scotland is a must-see destination for Harry Potter fans. 

All photos are free for commercial use via Pixabay

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Sunday, 6 June 2021

Fun Date Ideas

What a year for the world... The good news is that we can now go on dates again in person... Amazing! During Lockdown, many of us opted for virtual dates. Video dating became the norm for a while. Actually, it's a pretty good idea to have a video chat before an in-person date. It allows you to see what kind of character that person has and it also shows you they are real. Although restrictions have eased and the hospitality sector has reopened, there are still a couple of rules to follow, such as wearing your mask until you reach your table. There are lots of places to go on dates, check out  Northamptonshire Dating to find the love of your life. Take a look at the places below for some date ideas.

Catanger Llamas

Catanger Llamas located in the Northamptonshire countryside known as the county of ‘squires and spires’. is the perfect date for animal lovers. This llama breeding farm and trekking centre is open all year. This means that you can visit every season. If you want to make the date extra special, they also have on-farm accommodation. You can even buy your very own Llama! 

Rushden Lakes Shopping Centre

Shop till you drop... Rushden Lakes offers a huge selection of shops such as Boots and H&M. They also have places like Costa and Five guys, so you can have a coffee or something to eat. This would make a great relaxed chilled out day date where you can talk and get to know each other more. Check out Northamptonshire Dating to find your perfect shopping date.

Northampton And Lamport Railway

If you love trains and fancy a more chilled out vibe, you should definitely visit The Northampton & Lamport Railway. This is a steam and heritage tourist railway, located 5 miles from Northampton. Take a cute ride on one of the trains and also walk along with it to watch the steam. Platform 3 has a nice Buffet, where you can grab a cup of tea or coffee. Did you know that you can also become a member of The Northampton & Lamport Railway in which you will receive special fare rates. Pretty cool. 

Skydive Hinton

Fancy jumping out of a plane and free-falling to the ground? Then this is the place to visit. One for the adrenaline seekers, you will be jumping from 13,000 feet and travelling at a huge 120mph. Don't worry about being nervous, both of you will be safe and trained throughout the day. This will be a date to look back on and remember for sure. 

Corby Boating Lake

Corby Boating Lake is the perfect place for a picnic date. This lake has been around since the '70s and is home to a big range of geese, ducks, waterfowl and their residential swans. There are also herons, gulls and kingfishers as well as woodland and garden birds. You can also book to go fishing. If you feel peckish or fancy a coffee, The Lakeside Cafe is close by too.

All photos are free for commercial use via Pixabay

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Friday, 4 June 2021

Cute Date Ideas

 What a crazy year and a half! The good news is that we can now go on dates again in person... Woo! During Lockdown, many of us opted for virtual dates. Video dating became the norm for a while. Actually, it's a pretty good idea to have a video chat before an in-person date. It allows you to see what kind of character that person has and it also shows you they are real. Although restrictions have eased and the hospitality sector has reopened, there are still a couple of rules to follow, such as wearing your mask until you reach your table. There are lots of places to go on dates, check out Isle of man Dating to find your perfect match. Here are a few places that would be perfect for that first date after lockdown.

Mann Cat Sanctuary

If you love animals, especially cats, why not take a trip and visit the Mann Cat Sanctuary. There are lots of different kinds of fluffy cats and most will live the rest of their life here. The great thing about the Mann Cat Sanctuary is that you can sponsor a cat, making you both very happy. Find your date over at Isle of man Dating 

Gaiety Theatre

Love the Theatre? Then visiting the Gaiety Theatre will make a very cute first date. There's so much to watch, as well as going on the Gaiety Theatre tour which will tell you all about the history of the Theatre and building. Taking you on a journey of theatre life, this tour will take you back in time. you'll also get to learn about all the lighting and technical bits and bobs as well as seeing the costume display at the end. The Tour can take up to just over two hours. A perfect date for Theatre goers. 

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway

The Award-winning Horse Tramway will be celebrating its 145th year, this year... how wonderful! If you love horses then you must visit here. This particular horse tram is most certainly an iconic part of the of the Isle of Man, which started operation in 1876 by Thomas Lightfoot to make most of the tourist visits. The tramway runs from Derby Castle, along the Promenade to the Sea Terminal. Did you know that it is the oldest surviving Horse Tramway in Britain, and the only one to have operated continuously since its opening. 

Curraghs Wildlife Park

If you would like to have a great Animal experience then visit here. You can also become a member, so you can visit Curraghs Wildlife Park as much as you like... an opportunity for multiple dates. With lots of things to do like feeding the animals and in-depth talks, Curraghs Wildlife Park makes a great date idea. There is so much wildlife to see such as Meerkats, Penguins and Monkeys.

Foraging Vintners

This craft winery produces an array of drinks such as non-grape based wine, cider and rum. This is a great place to have lunch. With stunning views of The Isle Of Man... this will also make the perfect evening date. Enjoy a cocktail or two while watching the sunset.   

All photos are free for commercial use via Pixabay

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