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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Valentine's day 2021 - Love In Lockdown

Valentine's day is just around the corner... a day filled with presents, romance and fun. February the 14th is all about celebrating the love between you and your partner. Maybe it's an important day due to it being your anniversary too, therefore, you want to show the world what you mean to each other. However, not everyone is as enthusiastic about Valentine's day. The majority of us can't wait for this special day to celebrate relationships, but some see it as a way for brands to make money. Others feel like love should be celebrated all year round, not just one day a year. 

Valentine's day during a global pandemic will make it much harder to celebrate this year. Especially if you're in a new relationship where you can't see each other due to the current restrictions. Most couples will be lucky enough to live near each other or live together.  Here are some of my tips for celebrating love in lockdown.

Video Calls

Video calls are a great way to see and speak to each other every day during a lockdown. As long as you have an internet connection, video calling is pretty simple. You just need a  mobile phone, computer or laptop. You might have to buy a webcam for your computer but most laptops have a built-in one nowadays anyway. Choose your favourite app to video and in seconds you'll be seeing the one you love. There are also lots dating sites where you can possibly find your Valentine's, check out free dating sites West Midlands


If you both love playing games together but can't physically meet up at the moment, there are lots of games that allow you to play online. A great game to play over video call is the app, heads up. You may have seen it on television before. One of you will put your phone to your forehead which will show a word. The other person will give you clues and you will have to guess the word. Pretty fun. 

Come Dine With Me

Instead of just cooking the typical romantic meal... make it a bit more interesting by adding elements of the show come dine with me to it by making each other's favourite meal and drinks. You will both be laughing your heads off by the end of the night (Hopefully haha). Perfect for couples who live together but can't go to a restaurant as they're currently closed. For those who can't see other in person, you can have dinner over a video call... arrange a time, set up the table and place your device in front of you. It will feel like the person is really there. If you're currently single the dating agency West Midlands is a good place to start.

Galentine's Day

Valentine's day is for people in romantic relationships, although, in recent years Galentine's day has popped up. A day for celebrating friendships whether you're single or taken. It used to just be a day for just the ladies to celebrate their friendships but now it's celebrated between anyone. Galentine's day falls on the 13th of February. It's not an official holiday and has only been around since about 2010. If you would like more information about Galentine's day, click here

Do you have any plans for Valentine's this year? Are you into all the lovey-dovey pink stuff or do you prefer to keep it simple? 

All photos used are free for commercial use via Pixabay

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

The Rise Of Online Dating In 2020

 The recent pandemic has been a huge worry globally in 2020. Please always follow the rules and stay safe. Protect yourself and others. It's real and not to be taken lightly.

Wow, what a year for dating

The first lockdown earlier in the year had us thinking it wouldn't be for long, How wrong were we? This pandemic has made traditional dating a bit difficult. Gone are the days of getting excited when you're getting ready for your date. Now we have to think about making sure we have our masks and sanitizer. Not only that, we have to book restaurants and places to go in advance as well as providing our details. No more wondering if sparks will fly and hoping for that first kiss due to social distancing... that was when we were allowed to still actually go out. Later in the year came more lockdowns and stricter rules as cases kept rising. 

Online Dating

Online dating has been around for some time now. Due to the current pandemic dating apps are enticing more and more people every day. Some apps have even installed a video chat option now to cater to the ongoing situation. With most things being done via the internet these days, it wasn't a surprise that the online dating world would end up getting more attention. There are many dating sites to choose from such as the dating agency Nottinghamshire. It also looks as though people are now paying to upgrade their profile in hopes to find the right one for them instead of just using the regular basic profile. 

Video Calling

Today's technology has made Video calling extremely easy to use. There are now lots of platforms to do this on. Whether it's through your phone or computer, video calling is at a click of a button. If you started chatting to someone via an online dating app, many people will usually do a video call before the initial first date. To make sure the person they're speaking to is real. We don't want to encounter a catfish! Since the pandemic, there's been no other choice but to date virtually. Another great thing about video calling is that you can wear your favourite comfy slippers as no one will see them... unless they want to look at your feet for some reason. 


So, what does 2021 look like for dating? There's no doubt that online dating will continue to grow. Depending on what happens, traditional dating can be slowly brought back in once the pandemic has settled. This wasn't the 2020 the world was expecting so let's hope next year is better. Don't be disheartened that you can't go out on dates right now. In a way, see this as a time to get to know someone better through video and calls. This way you can really decide if you want to eventually meet them... or not. Nottinghamshire dating site is a great place to find dates. Video calls will probably also stop a lot of awkward dates too. If you're ready to enter the world of online dating make sure you're up to date with some of the dating terms that are used.

All photos used are free from Pixabay

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Jolie Beauty - The Second Skin Collection

The Second Skin Collection by Jolie Beauty has finally arrived... just in time for Christmas too! The collection comes in a number of different shades which consist of powder Highlighter, powder Bronzer and powder Blush, everything you need to get the perfect glam or natural look. The Second Skin Collection comes in a gorgeous rose gold mirrored compact, perfect for touch-ups on the go. You can also get bundles of the collection consisting of a whole bundle of Highlighters, Blushers, Bronzers or a bundle with a mixture of all three. These would be great for makeup artists or just simply for those who love makeup. 

My favourite highlighter has to be Dreaming and Saintly which are shown below. So gorgeous.

If you didn't already know... Jolie Beauty is a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly beauty brand run by experienced makeup artists. For example, their Lashes have no mink or animal products and the brushes are made from synthetic material.

"We regularly donate to a host of animal charities and work towards awareness of animal testing"

With what's been going on in the last year, I think will all need a bit of sparkle in our life. Did you know that you can book Glitter Parties with Jolie Beauty... Yes, Glitter Parties. One or two mobile expert glitter artists will arrive at your party or event with a pop-up Hollywood style glitter bar and a directors chair as well as a selection of long-lasting glitter to choose from. There are extras that you can add to the package too such as hair styling and temporary hair colour... something to look forward too after lockdown.

Jolie Beauty also has makeup gifts sets, these sets allow you to save up to 25% on buying the products at full price. Pretty cool! You can choose from a standard gift bundle to a luxury one. Plus, they currently have a huge sale on all bundles so be sure to check them out and grab yourself a deal before they go. They're also having a huge £15 palette offer too. 

It's really important to have the correct applicators when applying makeup, you could have the most amazing foundation but if your sponge isn't up to scratch then you won't get a flawless look. Luckily Jolie Beauty has professional makeup sponges which will give you your desired look. Visit the accessories tab on their website to have a look. 

If you have a verified beauty business you can now get Jolie Beauty stocked in your store. Maybe you want to increase your make-up lines... visit the wholesale tab via their website for more information.

Do you love Jolie Beauty as much as I do? If so, what would you say would be your ultimate favourite product? I don't think I could pick. There's just so many great products to choose from. Are you looking forward to Christmas and what are your plans? Are you in the festive mood yet or do you prefer to wait until a few days before Christmas to start getting into the swing of things? 

Don't forget to check Jolie Beauty out on social media.





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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Designing The Best Digital & Physical Christmas Cards

Christmas is just over a month away! 2020 has been a very worrying time for all of us, however, we are still getting into the festive mood and making the most of it! One of the best things about this time of year is spending it with loved ones. It's also a time for remembering those who are no longer with us. Another thing I love about the festive season is Christmas cards... from plain to super glitzy you will find something for everyone. 

Have you started to put up decorations or do you leave it to the last minute? I have gradually started putting out little Christmassy lights and signs. I haven't put my tree up yet... I usually like to buy a real tree as it makes me feel like I'm in my own Winter Wonderland! Although, I still have my handy fake tree if for some reason I can't get a real one.

I love filling up Christmas Stockings on Christmas eve ready for the morning, I tend to go for bath bombs, small chocolates, comfy socks and novelty Christmas theme items. I buy my presents at the start of December. However, if I see products earlier in the year that would make great Christmas presents, I will most certainly buy them. Do you like to get your presents out of the way or do you leave it until Christmas Eve?

Nowadays there's no need to just buy pre-made Christmas cards. You can actually make your own personal design from the comfort of your own home. This is perfect for those who are elderly, disabled, ill those who are self-isolating or simply those who enjoy digital designing. 

Font Bundles is an easy-to-use website that has an array of fun free fronts. You can choose from regular, script, seasonal, web fonts as well as tattoo fonts perfect for creating something special. They add a new free font every week so keep a lookout. I have screen recorded some of the free fonts they have below.

 I will also leave their video tutorial at the bottom of this post which shows you how to purchase (free when using the free fonts), download and install fonts to your computer. 

Now that you have installed all your favourite fonts it's time to start designing your Christmas cards. I like to use Canva for this. it's easy to use and I can let my creativity flow. Of course, if you have a go-to design website that you love, use that. You can then download or print your creation. Email to loved ones or choose delivery. You don't have to leave the house! 

For my first Christmas card, I chose The Candy Christmas font free from Font Bundles. I thought it was perfect for this time of year as it reminds me of candy canes. I simply uploaded my installed fonts to Canva and they were waiting for me in my design hub. I chose red as it's Christmas but you can choose any colour you wish as well as changing the size of the fonts too! 

For my second Christmas card, I chose the Lets Ski font which was also free. I love how the snow drips off the letters, nothing says Christmas better than this font, that's for sure.

Font has so much history behind it... if you're interested in reading an in-depth piece about traditional Font please take a look here

Font Bundles have a plus membership section which includes a free trial. This membership allows you to access over 43,000 fonts and designs... Pretty impressive right!? You can also get rewards, freebies and up to 15% off all products. Now you don't have to bother using Wordart or Paint to design your cards anymore.

They also have options to purchase bundles. For example, if you were to buy The Christmas Font which is now $15.82 (was £218.81) Bundle you would get 25 fonts which would be all Christmas themed. Perfect if you wish to send personalised cards to work colleagues, friends and family. These Bundles will also make a great Christmas present for someone who maybe has an interest in art and design. They might be studying digital design and the font bundle could help them with a project.

Will you be having a traditional Christmas dinner or meat-free? I do love a traditional dinner with all the trimmings and gravy. I will also be doing an ultimate cheeseboard during the festivities. What's your favourite cheese? Hopefully, 2021 will be the year to do the things we couldn't do this year. What are your goals?


Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Your Future Post-COVID

Right now, it can be challenging to plan for the future... However, it is still essential to think about it, and actually, the COVID-19 pandemic could help you to do this. While several things may have changed in your life this year including not going to university or travelling, the pandemic has also provided you with more time, which means that you can save money. It has also allowed you to think about what you want in life. you weren't Perhaps you weren't doing something you loved before, so in a way, this pandemic could be a blessing in disguise. While there are many negatives to this pandemic, you need to remember that it won't last forever. 

Take Control Of What You Can 

Focus on taking control of the things you can rather than focusing on what may or may not happen. You can exercise, save money, find a new job, spend time with those who you live with as well as spending more time outdoors. Make the most of this strange time and use it wisely. What happens now could make a massive difference down the line. Even if you're not ready to buy a house just yet, you can work out what you need to do to get there; you can research loans for homeowners, look at mortgage calculators and even look at houses online to get an idea of what you want. 

Don't expect to revert back to 'normal.'

You can't expect to just go back to the way things were. However, at some point, life will begin to adjust to a new normal, whatever that may be. You need to accept that things will change and the future will be different; however, some of these things will be better than they were before and will bring new opportunities. While you might not like it at first, as long as you don't set your expectations too high or give yourself false expectations that things will go back to the way they were, then you won't be disappointed.  

Think about your purpose

The pandemic has made a lot of people think about their priorities in life and what they want to do with it. Have you had time to do this? If not, then maybe now is the time to do it. It could be that the pandemic has made you realize that you want to do more to help people, maybe you're now considering a career in healthcare or charity work? Perhaps you had planned to move away from your family and friends, and this situation has made you think twice about doing this. Maybe you were going to travel, but since the pandemic, you feel uneasy about this or are now worrying about the effects that this will have on the environment. Don't worry if you've changed your mind, it's okay to do that and totally understandable. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Bomb Dot Com Glitter Palette

 Wow... what a year! 2020, the year of cancellations. There's no need to let these disruptions stop you from still creating stunning Makeup looks. You might not be able to go out as much to show your masterpiece off but you can most certainly take pictures to post on social media. You don't even have to post on social media. You can take pictures just for yourself to look back on. If you have a polaroid camera, you can also print out snaps of your look to put up wherever you want in your home.

With Halloween just around the corner, the Bomb Dot Com Glitter Eye Shadow Palette comes to mind. Parties and Trick or Treating might be cancelled this year but that doesn't mean you can't dress up! Perhaps you're having a virtual Halloween party over Skype or Zoom. Whatever you're going as this year, the 24 shade Palette with an inside mirror will make you look the part! Did you know that this palette can also be used for use all over the body. The colours are all so very pretty but I have to say my favourites are Princess, Showgirl and Superstar!

When it comes to Christmas, we think of  Christmas Trees, Candles, Christmas Music, Presents and of course an abundance of Glitter! The Bomb Dot Com Palette is the perfect Christmas gift for every Makeup lover out there. It's so versatile, you can create any look you wish. Maybe you have a dazzling dress and want to match it with your eye Makeup or maybe you have a little black dress and want to add some sparkle to the look. 

I hear you asking where oh where can I find this Palette? Well, I shall tell you! Jolie Beauty. So who are they? Jolie Beauty are a team of experienced Makeup Artists who have worked for companies such as Sephora, MAC and Clinique to name just a few. They believe in creating fun professional products to suit any budget. 

"Each product has been carefully trialed and tested by our team and sent back and forth countless times to ensure you receive a product you love"

Not only do they sell Palettes but they have a wide selection of Face, Lips and Skin products. You can also find all the accessories you need such as Makeup Brushes and Cleaners. Check out the tutorial page to watch YouTuber and makeup Artist Tati's review. There are also lots of other videos on there too.

Jolie Beauty offer Bundles such as the Deluxe Lash Collection which gives you 12 pairs of Whispy Lashes as well as Air Matte Lipstick Bundles which come in a variety of colours. 

Did you know that all products by Jolie Beauty are 100% cruelty-free? This means that no items have been tested on Animals. Their Brushes are made from synthetic hair which means that they are vegan friendly too. If you enter your email address on the website you can get 10% off your first order.

Check out their Social Media 






Monday, 28 September 2020

Taking The Best Photo For Your Online Dating Profile

We live in a world where online dating is top of the list for meeting people. Of course, you still have the whole meeting the love of your life outside of online dating... whether that would be at work, at a friends party or at university. However, online dating has been on the rise for a while and now is a popular choice for people looking for that special one. 

If you want to be successful in finding a date, let's say for instance through matchmehappy.co.uk, you will need a decent photo of yourself. Don't worry, you don't need to be a professional photographer or anything like that, just follow these easy simple steps to make your online dating profile stand out from the crowd!


Lighting is the most important thing for taking a good photo. There's no point looking all glamourous to then upload a very bright or very dark photo where you can hardly see yourself! Natural light is the best. Never take a photo with the light behind you but always take it in front of you, otherwise you'll just be left with an outline of a human. You can always purchase some lighting too! Whatever you're looking for in a partner, you can easily find a free dating site. There are so many websites out there these days, as well as apps that cater to different wants and needs. 

No filters

We all love a snapchat or some other type of filter. But, having a heavily filtered photo won't do you any good in the long run. Remember, you will be meeting people in real life on dates... they want to see the real you. If you want to share your fun silly side, then you can always have one photo with a cartoon filter, but make sure your main photo is of you. You don't want to be that person who looked nothing like their photo... but then again if you used a cat filter was the other person expecting the filter to be on your face in real life? 

No groups of people 

You want to show how social you are by showing photos of you out with your friends. That's great! However, if the only photos you have are in a group, it will be harder for people to figure out which one is you! The key to getting that first date is to show yourself and make a great first impression. 


We all love to pose, I certainly do, I'm definitely a fan of  doing the pouty lips pose but make sure you have at least one photo where you are smiling and just being natural. This will show your friendly and welcoming side too. 

Be Yourself

The next most important thing is to just be yourself... Posing in ways you usual wouldn't or wearing clothes you wouldn't actually wear in person won't help you feel comfortable when meeting people. Be confident and embrace every bit of you. Because at the end of the day, you are looking for someone who wants you for you too. 

All images are royalty free from Pixabay