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Friday, 13 October 2017

Solo Solis - Sunglasses That Wow

With so many styles, colours and shapes to choose from nowadays, Sunglasses can undoubtedly make a statement. Solo Solis, a company located in the Netherlands have an amazing collection of Wholesale Sunglasses all year round. Winter and Autumn sunshine can just be as intense as it is in the Summer, sometimes even more so. 

Not only are Sunglasses great for protecting your eyes from the glorious glaze of the sun, they can really make an outfit come to life. Whether you're going for a quirky look or a more traditional one, Solo Solis will most definitely have the perfect pair of Sunglasses for you. 

"Solo Solis has a team dedicated to sourcing only the most in-demand sunglasses with outstanding margins."

Solo Solis also offer a personalisation service. You can choose up to five different colours as well as adding your Logo, pretty cool. However, as these are personalised, it will take six weeks to arrive whereas the Sunglasses you see in their own collection will be shipped out on the same day.

Here are a couple of my favourite pairs available from Solo Solis.

Both Sunglasses are 100% UV protected. Firstly, the Sunglasses on the left have a beautiful flat mirror lens which I absolutely adore. The gold frame creates such a phenomenal look. Secondly, the Sunglasses on the right have a gorgeous leopard print design with a brown lens. I must say, my heart is most certainly devoted to the former.

(This Blog Post is in collaboration with Solo Solis)

Monday, 9 October 2017

Navabi - My Go To For Designer Plus Size Fashion

Hiya Lovelies!

Navabi is my haven for when I crave luxury, with 156 designers to choose from, you are entered into a world of premium plus size heaven. After all why should luxury fashion stop at a certain size? What I adore about Navabi is that each item of clothing has such in depth information regarding fabric, size, fit, and most importantly customer reviews, also not forgetting a brief of the designer. Navabi allows you to confidently shop and choose your perfect pieces.

  One of my favourite Designers has to be Manon Baptiste.

"Manon Baptiste designs with the modern woman in mind, offering creativity and sophistication in every cut. Specialising in feminine, contemporary creations, beautifully crafted in fabrics like chiffon and silk, it’s impossible not to be seduced by the brand’s covetable collections"

 "Manon Baptiste make clothes that feel like they’ve been created with your figure in mind."

Two versatile pieces that I have been in love with this month are the Embossed Faux Leather Leggings by ZIZI and the V-Neck Lace Dress by Junarose, which are both available from Navabi. In regards to the Dress, (I'm 5ft 8) it sits just above my knees. This LBD certainly screams sophistication. The Leggings are super comfy and gives off a casual yet sexy style. In my opinion both are true to size.

If you haven't checked out their Autumn Collection Edit you need to right now... go go go! Here are just a couple of my favourite pieces.

Don't forget to check out their Twitter for all the latest news.

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With Navabi)

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Wingz Fashion - Changing Up Your Style

Hiya Lovelies!

Summer is most definitely the season to showcase pretty outfits and embrace those fabulous curves. However, Autumn is among us and those gorgeous strappy Dresses won't see daylight again until next year... Or will they? There isn't a law that says we have to wear particular pieces during certain seasons. Although being realistic, freezing to death is not great. If only there were some kind of way to wear exactly what we wanted without feeling like we are about to go down with the Titanic. One word, Wingz. 

Wingz Fashion are a Brand that provides arm coverage in a range of styles and lengths ranging from a UK Size 6-28. The trick to this must have staple is that they go over your Bra, allowing you to wear strapless items, pretty cool hey?!

My two favourite styles has to be the Stretch Lace Full Black Wingz and the Plain Full Length Black Fitted Stretch Wingz. The latter is great for styling with Tank Tops, Camisoles and Vests, whereas the Lace is perfect for those super sexy sophisticated outfits. Both are amazingly comfortable. Don't forget to check out the video below on how to wear Wingz!

Wingz have four size bands available.

UK SIZE 6-10
UK SIZE 12-16
UK SIZE 18-22
UK SIZE 24-28
I find Wingz to be a true to size but fitted fit. For instance, if you're a size 22 I would highly recommend going for the size 24-28 band. Keep up to date with them over on Twitter and Facebook and flaunt your Wingz! 

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With Wingz Fashion)

Monday, 21 August 2017

Etrias - Finding The Perfect Boots

OMGeeeee, I can't believe it's going to be September soon, this year has just flown by. How has your Summer been?

So, you're out shopping with the girls and you suddenly spot an amazing pair of knee high Boots, they are just screaming out your name. You know you want them and you know you most definitely need them, you're literally in love. As you go to try them on, you realise that they are simply not wide enough, uh oh. You're left heartbroken... Okay not heartbroken but you're unequivocally annoyed. 

Luckily there are a number of Brands that do offer wider Boots. You can also shop through Etrias, an e-commerce company that specialises in Webshops. The Wide Calf Boot Store has a selection of Brands such as JJ Footwear, Wide Wellies and Jilsen. They cater for different calf sizes as well as having a pretty neat calculator to work out exactly which size you need. 

I am loving the JJ Footwear Crete Asphalt Boot (£166.95) at the moment which are available through the Wide Calf Boot Store in sizes 4-9 and widths XXL to XXXL. These Boots have super cute detailing at the top and elastic at the back for extra comfort. The insoles are also removable, therefore allowing you to add your own. These Boots are so versatile that everyone should have a pair in their wardrobe. A sure staple item.
The store offers fast delivery, free returns and free shipping on orders over £50! Don't forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With Etrias)

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Beauty Haul Featuring Juicy Couture

Hiya Lovelies!

How are you?

OMGeee, it's finally spring and that means more sunshine, Yaaaay! One of my favourite things to do when the weather is nice is to go shopping and have a cocktail or three... I did a little beauty shop recently so thought I would do a short blog post to show you what I picked up. I also think I may have found my second favourite perfume. Nothing will ever beat Fantasy by Britney Spears but Viva La Juicy Sucrè by Juicy Couture smells absolutely heavenly, light, fresh and sweet. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and this bottle is just a dream. The Perfume also came with an adorable pink Juicy Couture Bag. Don't forget to check out my Dressing Table tour over on my YouTube Channel!
All items can be found below

Which products have you bought recently?

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Feeling Christmassy With DressLily

Hiya Lovelies!

How are you? I can't believe how cold it is!

I love Fashion, You love Fashion, We all love Fashion. I love sharing Brands you may not have heard of yet. Let me introduce you to DressLily, an online store that offers a huge selection of  Fashion for Women and Men. They also have Accessories, Jewellery, Shoes, Bags, Watches and even items for your Home, sounds pretty cool hey! DressLily caters for sizes XS to 9XL. Definitely check the measurements that are given under the pieces to make sure you get your correct size as sometimes the sizes differ. 

So what took my fancy over at DressLily? When I saw the gorgeous Lace Patchwork Pullover Sweatshirt I fell in love, not only does it keep me warm but the lace detailing adds style to an otherwise plain Jumper. I then came across the 3D Lip Print Asymmetric T-Shirt which I thought was fun. The material is quite light so you will definitely need to layer. I knew I had to have the the Lip Print Mini Shift Dress because how on earth could I resist this adorable piece?! The material is heavy so perfect for chillier days. 

With so much to choose from, you will find it hard deciding on what you want but that's part of the fun when shopping. Also if you're on the hunt for plus size Christmas Dresses, look no further!

Here's a few super cute pieces that are definitely on my wishlist.

 DressLily currently have up to 65% off .

 PayPal users can also get 15% off using code PAYPAL15

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With Dresslily)

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Jo & Julia - The New Plus Size Collection You Need To Know About

Hiya Lovelies!

How are you?

For every fashionista out there it's super exciting to hear about a new clothing collection. There are so many fabulous Plus Size Brands out there. Everyday more and more retailers are recognising that Fashion doesn't end at a certain size and is indeed for all shapes and sizes. Plus Size Fashion has made a huge impact within the Fashion Industry and will continue to do so which is just marvellous.

I am so pleased to introduce you to Jo & Julia, a simply stunning new range available from Navabi. If you love leather and unique girly styles, I promise you that you are going to fall deeply in love with this collection, I certainly have. 
One of my favourite pieces from the collection has to be The Crepe Tunic (Available in sizes 14-26) This high quality piece is very versatile and should be a staple in every wardrobe, dressed up or down you are guaranteed to ooze style. The long line loose fitting cut and V- neck collar makes it feel like heaven to wear. I find this piece true to size which also has some stretch within the body, however the arms are quite slim fitting. I am 5ft 8 and the Tunic sits above my knees.
Head over to Jo & Julia to see more gorgeous styles 

Don't forget to join in with the #MorePlusPlease campaign!
You can also check out Navabi over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

(This Blog Post Is In Collaboration With Navabi)